Would you like a FREE Wedding Planner?

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“There’s so much to do. First off, I need to get these F****** Post It Notes off me!”

“Can you really get me a free wedding planner?”

a dubious bride

Planning a wedding is hard, stressful, time-consuming, stressful, agonising and, most of all, stressful. Using a wedding planner can be a great way to not only alleviate the stress, but also make the process quicker, easier and fun!

The problem is that some wedding planners can cost a lot of money. If only you could find a free wedding planner… (SPOILER ALERT: You can!)

Where to get a free wedding planner

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on buying a lovely, ornate wedding planner (that your dear fiance will probably mistake for a coaster at some point!), there are plenty of free wedding planner options.

Like most things in life, a quick rummage around on Google is the answer.

A quick search for “free wedding planner” gives you plenty to keep you busy:

Free Wedding Planner
Three cheers for Google. Sure, they don’t pay tax and are ruining local business, but still…

There are lots of free wedding planners that you can download, just waiting for you to fill in the details of your special day. Not only that, but most have hints and tips on how to save you some hassle, time and/or money too.

Budgets, guest lists, venues…they have it all.

If you use a service such as Google Sheets, you can share these with other trusted members of your wedding party so that, at any point in time, everyone is on the same page!

Free Wedding Planner - Empty Wedding Venue
“No, I distinctly remember that YOU were meant to source the chairs, decorations, food, DJ and lighting. I was in charge of bringing my phone and looking sassy.”

Oh, and if you’re thinking of having some entertainment on your big day to make your guests laugh and have a fabulous time, why not have a quick look at my “Guide to hiring a wedding magician” page? It tells you all you need to know about booking a magician for your big day!

Best of luck with the planning!

Want your wedding day to be filled with fun, laughter and joy? Book a magician. It’s the answer to all of your problems, stresses and worries (that may be an over-exaggeration!). I can help keep your guests happy and smiley while you enjoy your wedding day. Fill in the form below and I’ll tell you how I can help YOU have an awesome wedding day!