Why You Should NEVER Book a “Cheap, Local Magician Near Me”

Evil Local Magician Near Me
The “Local Magician Near me”. Sure, your child now sleeps with one eye open and wets the bed every night (she’s 35 years old), but at least you saved a fiver because he lived “near me”.

“Hey Siri, please can you search for a cheap, local magician near me?”

There are lots of things that can SEEM important when booking entertainment or a magician for your event.

Things like, what tricks does he/she do? Where is she based? Is she full-time or part-time?

These things seem like they’re important; that they should differentiate the good from the bad, but it’s easy to get distracted (we magicians are good at the whole misdirection thing).

“I need a cheap local magician near me” is one of these lies.

You don’t, and you definitely shouldn’t, book a magician just because she is cheap, local and through sheer luck, just happens to live nearer than another entertainer.

Of course cost is going to be a factor; you want to know how much a magician is going to cost, but, if you’re having a party in Chester for example, do your guests really care if the magician you hire lives down the road…or in London…or has had to make a world record breaking, Fiennes-ian trip to be there to do card tricks for you?

Probably not.

Local Magician Near Me - Expeditition
“We may have lost three men and two dogs getting here, but this lunchtime gig at the Harvester is going to be AWESOME!”

For some services, “local” or “near me” is going to be vital. If your care breaks down, you want a local tow truck to come and pick you up (unless you enjoy being stranded for long periods!).

If you’ve just managed to skilfully remove 6 of your fingers in a chainsaw accident, you’re better off going to the nearest A&E department, rather than trying to work out which has the best track record at reattaching digits  (ironically, a task made more time consuming – and probably more hilarious – by the removal of the fingers!).

So, thank you for worrying about how far we’re travelling, or what time we’re going to get home to our nice warm beds, but honestly, don’t give it a second thought.

We magicians know we’re going to be doing a lot of night time driving and we’ve spent enough time on the various motorways of the UK to know what travelling to gigs entails.

We’re OK with it. In fact, it’s what we signed up for. 🙂

By all means, choose a magician because he or she is funny, or because you’ve seen them before, or because your best friend Janice had them at her wedding and raves about them, but don’t book a magician because of a Google maps result.

If you’re having a party, wedding or event in the near future, you’re probably worried about keeping your guests happy. Let me get rid of that problem for you. I’m a magician and comedian who’s not only amazing, but funny too. I can get your guests laughing and having a fabulous time at YOUR next event.

“Thank you for helping make our wedding day stress free and being exceptionally entertaining

“He was hugely entertaining, with a real sense of mischievous fun! Our guests loved him!

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