"Why Should I Book YOU To
Entertain My Guests?"

Wedding Magician

If you’ve searched for magicians on Google, you’ll know that there are a lot of different ones out there. There’s probably 18 living on your street!

How are you meant to know the good from the bad? After all, if you’ve never booked a magician before, and you don’t know anyone that has, what are you meant to do?

“Are there formal qualifications or tests magicians have to pass, so I can see how they rank alongside other magicians?” Sadly, not.

“Does a slick looking website guarantee that the magician will be able to entertain my family?” No.

“So, what am I meant to do if I want to book a magician to wow and entertain my guests. My party is this weekend and I’M STRESSED OUT OF MY MIND!!!

Our guests were in a combination of hysterics and bewilderment throughout the performance, one of them said “what ever you paid for that guy…it was worth it!”.

While I can’t give you a definitive answer to finding the perfect magician for you, I can tell you more about me, my magic what is unique to me. If some of these resonate with you, there’s a good chance that I’ll be able to do wonders for you and your guests!

1. I’m one of the very few FULL TIME magicians in the UK. This is how I make a living. I don’t work at Lidl on weekends or anything like that.

Performing magic is all I do. I’m not “dabbling”; performing just for “fun” at a few gigs every now and then.

I’m playing for keeps. 🙂

Corporate Magician and Entertainment

"Everyone from my 4 year old nephew to my 90 year old grandfather thoroughly enjoyed your time with us. I didn’t realise you were also a comedian! My brother and I provide the best barbecue ever, and all everyone wants to talk about is YOU!"

2. I can prove that I’m pretty good. Not only have I got lots of testimonials from happy clients, I also work for some of the biggest companies in the world, including: SKY, Pepsi, AstraZeneca, William Hill, Paddy Power, Tesco, Bae and Unilever. They trust me when they are looking to create an event that will blow their guests away. You can too.

3. I’m a full member of Equity, and, to be a full member, you have to be a PROFESSIONAL entertainer – they don’t let just anyone in you know!

4. I have Public Liability Insurance for upto £10m, so if the venue manager is getting antsy, worried about the damage a few card tricks may do, don’t worry; I’m covered and more than happy to provide a copy of my certificate to put your mind (and theirs) at rest.

He was hugely entertaining, with a real sense of mischievous fun! With howls of laughter and gasps of magical amazement – our guests loved him!

5. I always use booking contracts and issue invoices. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had a phone call from a bride or corporate client who’s been let down at the last minute by a cheap, local magician who ditched them because they got a “better” (higher paying) booking. My job, aside from amazing your guests, is to give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve booked a quality entertainer who will actually be where he said he will be!

6. I’m not just a magician; I’m also a comedian. And I’m not just a comedian; I’m an AWARD WINNING comedian. I don’t just perform magic – I get your guests laughing and having a great time. If you have a look at my testimonials, you’ll see how they focus on guests laughing and being entertained, rather than just fooled with magic. It’s these moments of unique interaction – the banter I have with your guests – that will make the entertainment memorable!

7. You know that “difficult guest“? The one you’re worried about? The one you’re ALWAYS worried about? Don’t be; I love difficult guests. There’s an “Uncle Alan” at every party. You know, the funny one that likes to take the mickey; the one you’re always apologising for to strangers? I LOVE UNCLE ALAN’S! (not in a weird way); they are so much fun to entertain. I’d much rather have a room full of Uncle Alan’s than a quiet refined tea party with muted, but polite applause.

However rowdy your guests are, don’t worry; I’ll be fine, I’ll entertain them and I’ll love them. 🙂

He kept in touch regularly during the booking process and I was 100% confident that he was the right choice before I’d even met him!

8. I bought the website www.NotDynamo.com, so I must be really clever, super talented and awesomely creative, right?


9. I’ve been a professional magician for over 9 years; I know what I’m doing. I’ve spent years honing and refining my act so that I can work totally from my pockets, meaning that it doesn’t matter if your guests are sat round a table, stood in the garden or all crammed into the downstairs toilet; I can still entertain the heck out of them no matter what.

No matter where your guests are, I’ll get them laughing and having fun!

Wedding day magic that will get you and your guests laughing and having a great time!

10. Rather than a flat rate, “these are the fixed services that I offer” type of arrangement, I prefer to work with you, finding out all about you, your party and your guests, to see how I design the entertainment to best suits your needs.

It’s not a one size fits all approach, because every event is different, so tell me as much as you can about your party and I’ll see how I can best help create an amazing (as well as stress free) experience for your guests.

If I genuinely don’t think I’m the best person for the job, I’ll say so (and I’ll also point you in the direction of the magician I think IS the right person for you!).

If you’re looking for a magician and entertainer who can get your guests laughing, helping you create an awesome event, send me an email, telling me all about your celebration, or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

I’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, please ask. I’m happy to help as much as I can!

While you’re here, you may also want to check out my blog, where I share lots of hints, tips and tricks that can save you hassle (and money) when planning an event.

Wedding and Corporate Magician and Entertainer

What people say

Everyone was amazed with your ability to make people belly laugh whilst performing brilliant tricks. Thank you for helping make our wedding day stress free!” – Elizabeth Holmes, Liverpool

John was brilliant! An amazing magician but much more than that as he’s a fantastic entertainer. He kept in touch regularly during the booking process and I was 100% confident that he was the right choice before I’d even met him! He had everyone enraptured with his magic and his personality – my guests literally followed him around the tables because they were that impressed by him! Everyone was talking about him” – Tracey Bailey, Warrington

“He was hugely entertaining, with a real sense of mischievous fun! With howls of laughter and gasps of magical amazement, our guests loved him! If you are considering having him to a function, get him booked, you won’t be disappointed!” – Justine Fraser, Cheshire

“We booked John for our wedding and it was one of the best decisions we made.  Our guests were in a combination of hysterics and bewilderment through out the performance and one of Tracey’s cousins said to me ‘what ever you paid for that guy Matt, it was worth it!’”. – Matt and Tracey, Preston

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