Why Event Suppliers Are Like Politicians

Why Event Suppliers Are Like Politicians

It’s election day …

WAIT! Don’t leave! I promise this won’t get political (PIRATE PARTY FOREVER! – OK, so it did get a bit political) but, as I find myself struggling for topics to write about, I suddenly realised the similarity between voting and booking suppliers for events.

Bear with me…

I know nothing about politics (I’m still learning how to spell “Brecksit”), so, when it came to pondering on who to vote for (PIRATE PARTY FOREVER! – sorry), I had to do some serious research.

Or did I?

Maybe not. I may not know anything about politics, but I do know about PEOPLE.

At Election time, the tendency is to frantically absorb as much information as possible about each party, comparing their policies before coming to an informed choice about whose name to put our carbon “X” next to.

I’m not saying this is a bad approach because it isn’t, but there is another way and if you’re booking a supplier for an event, it’s quite useful for that too.

Rather than focus on policies and nitpicking over manifestos, instead ask:

“Which of the candidates would I stand behind as a person?”

Coincidentally, we’ve had two separate visits from councillors in the run-up to this election. In order to make my point clear, both, rather helpfully, we’re entirely different from each other.

One was quite rude and dismissive, summed up by his patronising tone towards my wife, “you probably don’t vote, do you?”.

The other was the polar opposite – not rude or patronising (that’s a start, especially for politicians!), but more than that, took notes on what he and my wife talked about and followed up with her concerns (and later referenced these in his newsletter).

To me, he FELT like the kind of guy you’d actually want representing you in a big room of other guys.

It’s the same for when you’re booking wedding and event suppliers.

Sure, you should probably check that they can do the thing you’re paying them to do but, more than that, spend some time with the person, enough to get a feel for them.

Do they seem like the kind of person that’s going to make your day better, and represent you appropriately when they meet and interact with your guests?

Sometimes, it’s not the WHAT, but the WHO.