Where to go for the BEST wedding planning advice (SPOILER: It’s not me)

It’s all well and good listening to advice from handsome wedding suppliers such as me, or reading blogs about how other, probably non-handsome, wedding professionals think you should deal with all the stresses and hassles that come with planning your special day, but…

…it’s another thing to listen to what other brides think.

Sometimes it can be helpful to hear it from someone who’s actually been there – a bride who’s gone through the same wedding planning process as you and, more importantly, lived to tell the tale.

That’s one of the benefits of joining a wedding Facebook group. You can get the BEST wedding planning advice – from brides who know what you’re going through.

Sure, you’ll have to battle your way through wedding magicians like me trying to convince you that a wedding without magic is like a cake without frosting, but once you machete your way through that…

…oh, and the “I need a wedding photographer, as the cheap one I booked (without a contract or deposit) has cancelled on me at the last minute” posts…

…once you get through that, you can actually hear what real brides – just like you – have to say.

It’s nice to be reminded that you’re not the only one ripping your hair out because the bridesmaid’s dresses are “Persian Rose”, not “Purple Pizzazz”, or searching for a hitman to eliminate the “mother in law problem”.

Because you’re not alone.

This post I copied from a wedding group is a perfect example.

It also contains some fabulous advice – from a bride who’s been there.

  • It’s YOUR wedding. Have it how you like it.
  • If things go wrong, don’t worry, you’ll be too busy to notice and besides, other people will have your back.
  • Whatever happens, it’ll be magical (even more so if you book a wedding magician – hint, hint!)

It’s worth saving things like this to look at once in a while…

…especially if you find yourself making voodoo dolls of family members.

It’ll help keep you sane and help remind you that, whatever happens, you’ve got this.

Oh! If you do need someone to keep your guests happy, laughing and smiling while you relax and enjoy your wedding, send me an email!