“Where Can we See You Perform Magic?”

Where Can You See Magician John Holt Perform Live Before You Book Him For Your Event?
“He’s holding a pack of cards…someone said something…they’re laughing…looks good…we should book him….I’m…running…out…of air…………………”


In a recent change to my marketing efforts, I’m going to be using performing as a way of networking. Being a freelancer has taught me that the best enquiries and clients are those that have seen me work already: they’ve seen me do my thing and they know I’m the right magician for them.

Granted, not everyone that interacts with me thinks I’m perfect, but that’s OK. I’m working on it.

The trouble is, compared with other marketing tactics, such as SEO, blog writing and Google rankings, actually getting out there and performing for real people is a comparatively slow burn.

A real slow burn.

If I work on my SEO, I could reach more people, maybe thousands, but I’d be reaching people that don’t KNOW  me; they’ve not seen me in action. They don’t KNOW that I’m the right magician for them. I’m just one of ten magicians who, through some weird and magic algorithm, occupy one of the slots on Google’s front page.

I’m going to be performing more, which means that, if you ever did want to see me perform, you can. To keep everything nice and simple, I’ll list all of my upcoming public shows on this page, beneath the post.

If you can’t make it to any of them though, don’t worry, I’m always available for coffee.

Ironically, the more successful I have become as a magician, booking more and more shows, the less opportunity there is for a member of the public to come and see what I do.

When I started, I would hound bars and restaurants, working the tables for the diners as they waited for their food.

Then, if you wanted to see me, you could just pop in, sit down and yell “Hey magic boy! Over here!”

Now it’s a little more tricky. Most of my events now are private parties, weddings and corporate events.

You can’t just gatecrash a wedding, plonk yourself at the top table, grab a plate and say “Oh, it’s OK, I’m here to see if this magician is good enough for OUR wedding…” as they escort you out.

Trust me, you can’t.

YouTube is OK and I have a video of a younger, larger version of myself on my video page, but most people really want to see something in person, just so they can be sure.

You want to get a feel for the person you’re booking for your wedding and you need some kind of meaningful interaction. The kind of thing that makes you say, “YES! This is the guy for us!” or, “Actually, this isn’t what we had in mind…”

So, if you can’t crash a wedding or corporate event, what’s the alternative?

Let’s meet.

Although I’m based in Chester, I travel all over the country performing, so there’s probably a good chance that we could grab a drink or a chat somewhere where we can chat about your event and you can see if I’m the right magician for you and what is the best way I can help you have a fabulous event.

I’m also available via video (or non video) call, via text, email, snail mail, carrier pigeon and shouting.

Upcoming Public Shows: