When EVERYTHING goes wrong at your wedding…

Here’s a worry a lot of couples have before their big day –

“Oh my god! I hope it doesn’t end in fisticuffs!”

(If you’re reading this and not living in the 17th Century, please replace “fisticuffs” with “drunken, yobbish brawl” – thanks!)

Most wedding couples aren’t even joking when worrying about family fallout.

(Remind me to check to see if “Family Fallout” is a game show. It should be.)

Putting two families – and a FREE BAR – together is not the ideal way to guarantee a sense of tranquil bliss on your special day.

(It is, however, a fabulous way to find out what people REALLY think about each other, so there’s that…)

What can you do though?


Don’t worry. If you don’t want the end of your wedding to resemble a battle royal of Game of Thrones proportions, you’re in luck.

It hardly ever happens.

I’ve never been to a wedding that ended in a tapout victory, with the mother-in-law scoring a win over Aunt Phyllis with her unique armbar technique.

I have been to a few where there have been a few ‘incidents’ though.

(I’m using the word ‘incidents’ because using the words, ‘fighting’, ‘anger’ and ‘Jeremy Kyle show appearance’ wouldn’t be very helpful)

At all of them, there was one thing in common…

When it all kicked off, EVERYONE was there for the bride and groom.


The hotel staff, the bar staff, the other guests…

When it REALLY mattered, they put all their petty nonsense aside and worked together to help the happy couple have an awesome day.

It actually brought people CLOSER together.

Most people are awesome.

Most of your wedding guests are awesome.

So don’t worry.

Even if you have a few bad apples, the rest of the fresh, green, juicy (man I wish I hadn’t started this “apple” thing) batch have got your back…

…no matter what happens.

(If you’d like to see this information in a slightly more comedic and visual formation, please click the YouTube link below. If you could click it 8,354,824 times and make me a YouTube millionaire, I’d be especially grateful)

Also, if you’re wondering how you can distract angry relatives from potentially killing each other, may I step forward and suggest a wedding magician as a suitable form of entertainment?

Yes? Good.

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