When does a magician celebrate Father’s Day?

Is there anything better in life than 9 Tunnocks Teacakes? (apart from 900 Tunnocks Teacakes, obviously)

Being a magician means that I’m kind of at the mercy of holidays and celebrations.

No one ever books a magician for the mundane moments of their lives.

“We’re having a ‘we did the weekly big shop without killing anyone’ party! Are you free?”

..said no one, ever.

This often means that I miss out on celebrating with my family.

New Year’s Eve…Father’s day…St Swithun’s day – I’m out, performing magic tricks, helping others celebrate. I rarely get to spend as much time with my family as I’d like.

(Note: I didn’t say, “as much as WE’D like”. I’m sure they enjoy the peace and quiet of me being out of the house.)

If we know we’re going to miss a celebration, we pick another day to have it, so I had Father’s day yesterday.

I don’t care that it wasn’t Sunday – it was fab. I got a card and EVERYTHING!

If I was a good deal cleverer than I am, I’d spend time pondering on this and extrapolate a deeper lesson, probably something about blindly appreciating awesome things based entirely upon how far we’ve orbited around the Sun…

…but I’m not, so I won’t.

The point is…


(oh, and celebrating things is awesome)

(The fact there are any Tunnocks Teacakes in this photo is a testament to the strength of the human mind…

…and the lock my wife put on the treat drawer.)