What’s REALLY Important When Planning an Event?

What's Really Important When Planning An Event - Don't Get Distracted


I’m editing this post the day after performing at the St Helens Rugby League Team Awards night. As part of my entertaining duties, I had to entertain the players in one of the side rooms. As you’ll discover in the post, I know nothing about rugby, so I have absolutely no idea who any of these people are. All I know is that are bigger than me and able to kill me with just one finger of their choosing.

Because my mum brought me up well, I always introduce myself to new people and ask their names. Needless to say, my incessant asking of rugby megastars of their names provided much hilarity to fans who live and breath the game.

In hindsight, I wish I’d played this for even more comedy value, by pretending to forget their names, asking them to repeat it again and again.

Next year maybe…

I know very little about football.

However, what I know about football appears positively encyclopedic when compared with my knowledge of Rugby.

Despite this, part of my work of being a magician for the past few years has been to entertain fans at every home game of both Everton FC (football) and St Helens Rugby League Team (Rugby).

When I mention this to potential clients, they always say, “Oh you must be a massive Saints fan…”, then they’ll ask me what I think about their form this season. My natural inclination at this point is to do this:

What's really important?

If escape is not an option, I just tend to agree with whatever they say or throw in some generic sporting idioms I’ve picked up over the years, such as “Well, I think the next few games are going to be key”, “let’s hope they can keep this form up for a few weeks” (if they’re winning), or “They just need a bit of momentum to turn it around” (if they’re losing).

Sure, I’m not going to land a commentary job on Five Live, but it gets me by.

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The point is that it doesn’t matter if I’m a fan or not.

It’s not important.

I’m a magician. My job is to make people laugh and be amazed while holding a deck of cards in my hand. Being able to name all the players, predict future results or even know the shape of the ball used in the game does not affect my job in the slightest.

It’s not important.

Sometimes, it’s easy to see what’s important…

What's Really Important - Falling Flat on Your Face

Sometimes, it’s a little harder.

Because the event marketplace is so crowded, suppliers have been forced to create variables to differentiate themselves. Sometimes these variables will be important, but not that often.

“If you like magicians who plait their nasal hair, I’m the guy for you!”

“I’m the only wedding caterer that doesn’t believe in washing his hands before food preparation, so if you don’t mind intestinal cramps…”

What’s Really Important?

When you’re planning an important event, like a wedding or corporate party, you can get misdirected by the not so important things, like looking at who has the prettiest website or who just happens to be more local to you. Sometimes these can seem relevant, but often, they’re as important as choosing someone based on star sign or some convoluted numerological technique.

If you want fresh Japanese food at your wedding. Go out and sample some. Find the freshest supplier of Japanese food that you’re happy with and go with them. I don’t care that their website uses Comic Sans; it’s not important.

If you want a Mexican Barbershop quartet to sing “Barbie Girl” as your first dance, get a demo and find the one that sounds the best (surely an impossible task, given the conditions). But what if they live 15 miles further away than the other, local, Mexican Barbershop quartet? Who cares? It’s not important.

Don’t get distracted.

What's Really Important? - Don't Get Distracted!

The most important thing is to discover what’s important (no, really important) to the success of your event and focus on that.

If you’re having a party, wedding, gathering, shindig (how many synonyms for “event” can I think of?) or celebration in the near future, you’re probably worried about keeping your guests happy. Let me deal with that problem for you. I’m a magician and comedian who’s not only amazing but funny too. I can get your guests laughing and having a fabulous time at YOUR party, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself.

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“He was hugely entertaining, with a real sense of mischievous fun! Our guests loved him!

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