“What you can do with a smartphone and some passion” (or “The Shit Chester Interview”)

John Holt magician with SC, waiting to perform magic
Wearing a hoodie in the rain, looking like a very low budget album cover. If I ever become famous, this is definitely going into my biography.


Most of my working life as a magician is spent doing very “work-y” (i.e. boring) things: working on the website, writing promo material, watching Netflix etc.

You know, the important stuff.

Yesterday’s workday, however, was unlike any of my previous ones.

I’d been asked by the mighty @shitchester if I would like to be interviewed for his blog. I can’t imagine why anyone would give two hoots about me and my life, but it sounded fun and, as I near my 40th birthday (thank you, yes I DO look younger!), I find myself being drawn to doing more and more “fun” things.

You can find the blog post, some photos and also some tricks I performed on people by visiting the SC Social page “The Magical world of John Holt”.

I’m not writing this to draw your attention to the article though. It’s OK if you don’t read it and I won’t be asking questions.

What I do want to point out though is how much passion can help you accomplish.

If you live in Chester, you’ll most likely have heard of the Twitter account @shitchester. It’s an ironic name for an account that helps champion the true heroes of our city and supports independent and worthy causes, people and places. He/she/it (no one can ever be TOO sure of anything relating to this mythical being), attend events, provide media coverage and interview the people who matter (apart from me; I don’t matter); not because they make any money out of it, because they don’t. It’s just done out of genuine affection for the town.

It’s a perfect example of what people with a passion can accomplish with only a smartphone and some determination.

Yesterday was a fun day. It was fun because it wasn’t really about me or the @shitchester account, it was something different we could create and put out there. It wasn’t about profit (though in the interests of full disclosure, @shitchester did buy me a coffee!), it was about sharing stories about the town and doing some magic to put some smiles on people’s faces.

For example, the real highlights of yesterday (which don’t appear in the blog), were:

  • Walking 20 minutes in the rain for the sole purpose of doing absolutely nothing. NOTHING!
  • Genuinely wondering if our vigil outside the council offices would end with me spending the night in the cells.
  • Having the lovely Sandra from the delightful Ginger coffee shop (sadly no more) look me square in the eyes to tell me that she hates magic….and then watching two card tricks.

I always have time for people like @shitchester. They are the outliers of the world; the people who do what they do for the genuine love of doing it. It’s finding something you’re genuinely passionate about and putting all of yourself into it. If you find something like that in your own world, I don’t think you can go far wrong. 🙂

“Twenty. Bloody. Minutes…” 😉

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