What REALLY Matters When Choosing Wedding and Event Suppliers?

I consider myself lucky.

REALLY lucky.

I learned one of the most valuable lessons about being a wedding/event supplier when planning my wedding.

(Or rather, my wife did).

She was booking a swing singer to perform at our reception, but she was worried that he wouldn’t be able to find the place, or, if he did, he wouldn’t be able to park, or, if he did, he wouldn’t be able to get in and get set up…


My wife was SUPER worried about this.

I heard her spout all these upsets on the phone to him and then she abruptly stopped.

He interrupted her!

This will not end well“, I thought.

But it did.

I don’t know what he said exactly, but it had a magical effect.

It put my wife completely at ease.

No more worries. No more stress.

How did he do it?


I’ll give you a clue…

It wasn’t about his singing, or the quality of his mic, or what suit he was planning to wear. It wasn’t his logo, font choice or his snazzy laminated business cards.

It was more about HIM – being a professional and knowing what needed to be said.

Watch the video to find out what it was.

(Yeah, I know. I hate it when they say that too, but it’ll be worth it.)

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