What Losing a Years Worth of Work Can Teach You About Planning an Event

I lost a years worth of work.

I nearly died.

OK, slight exaggeration, but I was pretty darn gutted.


And it was totally my fault. I didn’t do the one thing that everyone knows you should do with anything involving technology.

(Feel free to sing along if you know the words)

I. Didn’t. Back. Up.

I’m a tool, but that’s OK. I’m calm now and am steadily working my way through my site, methodically adding all the blog posts, gig reports, web pages and testimonials that I’ve received and uploaded over the past year.

It’s not fun.

But it was a learning experience.

For example, I learned to download the UpdraftPlus plug in, so that my site is backed up every single day. Now, the most I can lose is one days work (for me, that’s about 30 words).

Backing up isn’t just for boring work stuff. It’s for anything you have that’s of value. Your photos? Yep. Your tax returns? Definitely.

Your wedding folder?

Yes, even if you’re the most organised bride on the planet (there’s a TV show that should never be commissioned), you need to have a back up in case of a mishap.

If you have a special wedding planning app or an online organiser, then you’re probably in good shape. Evernote and Google docs store all of your info in that mysterious cloud we are always hearing about, so you should be OK (even so, you should still take copies of everything, just in case Google goes bankrupt or has some kind of meltdown!).

If you’re using the good old scrapbook method of planning though, you need to come up with some ideas of how to keep your wedding planning folder safe AND how to get copies in case disaster strikes.

Maybe you can take photos of every single page with your phone and upload them to the cloud so that, if the folder goes missing, is set fire to, or is eaten by an ostrich* (these things happen waaaaay more than you’d realise), you can easily get the information back. You could use the good old fashioned photocopier too; anything to make sure you can easily retrace your steps.

Pictures, notes, contacts, phone numbers, names, dates, places, times and thoughts. If you’ve cared enough to write them down in the first place, you should care enough about backing them up in case the worst happens.

Planning a wedding is hard enough. The last thing you want to do is make you’re job harder, by having to go back to square one when you have only have a month to go!

* Though, after seeing this video, you may not be so mad about the ostrich thing.