What Do You Want?

What do you want?

People are rarely in the mood to be fooled.

How many times have you said, “you know what? I really fancy going out tonight and having the shit fooled out of me!”

“I fancy a good laugh!” – yes.

“I really wanna dance” – yes (though, thankfully, not me – have you seen my “moves”?).

But “I really want to see a magic trick…” – nope. Not very likely.

It’s the same when I meet brides and grooms before their wedding. They say that they really want a wedding magician, but they really don’t.

(Of course, I don’t actually say this out loud – that would be a terrible business practice)

What they actually want is what a magician creates – the atmosphere and the reactions.

How the magician does that doesn’t matter.

Here’s the thing: different magicians create different reactions.

Funny magicians make people laugh.

Storytelling magicians move people (emotionally, not physically – that would be weird!).

Some magicians make people think.

Some magicians shock.

I veer towards the funny. As a comedian, trying to be serious would probably make my head explode. Besides, I figure that most people enjoy seeing their guest’s faces light up with smiles and hearing laughter echoing around the room.

Regardless, take time to think about what you want your guests to experience.

Until you know that, you don’t know what kind of magician/entertainer you’re looking for.