"Everyone was amazed with your ability to make people belly laugh! Thank you for helping make our day stress free."

Wedding Magician and Entertainer

Congratulations! You’re getting married – that’s fabulous!

Now comes the wedding planning…

Once you’ve got the dress, flowers and chosen a venue, you need to have a think about your guests, as this can be a bit of a worry for couples. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your wedding day, without worrying about having to keep your guests entertained.

As you might have guessed already, I can help you with this.

Let’s face it, you want to spend time getting those perfect photos after the ceremony; the last thing you need to see is bored and restless guests, begging you to hurry up as an angry mob forms around your Uncle Alan, who’s decided to start telling his “stories” again…

If you book me as your wedding magician, I can eliminate this worry (though I can’t eliminate Uncle Alan..unless you pay extra). I’ll entertain your guests for an hour or two; giving you the time and space to actually enjoy your own wedding day.

Spend time getting those perfect shots, staring into each others eyes, or just sit back and have a drink – I’ll take care of your guests, so you don’t have to!

Whether it’s performing as a wedding magician after the ceremony, while you try and gather all your nearest and dearest for some gorgeous wedding photos, or after the wedding breakfast, to help keep the energy and atmosphere going (or to stop guests sneaking off to their rooms and leaving you on your own!), I can help make your day easier by looking after your guests.

There are lots of different ways I can use magic to help you have the best wedding day possible, so click the button below to tell me all about your wedding and I’ll come up with some ideas on how I can help make your special day as stress free as possible, without resorting to bribery or illegal wrestling holds!

“I had been panicking about the drinks reception being too long and people getting bored, but the guests seemed disappointed when they were called for the wedding breakfast and it was time for you to go.” – Elizabeth Holmes, Liverpool

“Our guests were in a combination of hysterics and bewilderment through out the performance and one of Tracey’s cousins said to me “what ever you paid for that guy Matt, it was worth it!” – Matt and Tracey, Preston