"Everyone was amazed with your ability to make our wedding guests belly laugh. Thank you for helping make our day stress-free!"

You’re getting married? Congratulations!

You’ve booked the perfect venue, found a fabulous dress and maybe even found someone you’re happy to spend the rest of your life with! All that’s left to worry about now is your wedding guests. After all, you want them to have an amazing time on YOUR wedding day, but you don’t want to be the one frantically running around, making sure everyone is happy, laughing and having fun.

Wedding Magician Entertainer

You need something to stop your guests from feeling bored, because the last thing you need to hear when you’re posing for that perfect photo is…

“JANICE!!!! Get over here quick! Uncle Dave’s started telling that story about the man from Nantucket…”.

…I can help (without resorting to rude limericks, you’ll be pleased to know 🙂 )
As a wedding magician, I can eliminate the worry of bored and restless guests (though sadly, I can’t do anything about your Uncle Dave…unless you pay extra!)

So, whether you relax and spend time getting those perfect shots, or just sit down and update your Facebook relationship status…RELAX

I'll entertain your guests, so you can enjoy your wedding day!

I know that you’ve probably still got a few questions though, so I’ll try to answer them as best I can. Better yet, why don’t I let past brides and grooms answer for me?

Best Wedding Entertainment - Magician with Wedding Guests

"Do I really need a PROFESSIONAL wedding magician? Can't I just find someone who knows a few tricks?"

I’ll be honest, the tricks are only a small part of what makes a wedding magician a great addition to your special day.

We’re not just doing tricks. We’re making people laugh. We’re interacting with everyone, of all ages. We’re skilfully looking for potential problem areas with your guests. We find the one person on their own, nervous about making new friends and we bring them into the group without it being too formal or scary.

We fearlessly break the ice and make friends with all of your friends and family, bringing them together, creating a great atmosphere that makes your wedding day fabulous.

Aside from that, there’s also the “boring” stuff that goes along with booking a ‘professional’ magician – the paperwork, contracts, invoices and insurance – the stuff that gives you peace of mind from knowing you’ve booked a professional wedding magician.

Do you really want to trust all of this to someone who knows a few tricks?

“I had been advised to book John after a friend had witnessed one of his performances at a corporate event. Arriving in plenty of time to weigh up the venue and the early crowd goers, John doesn’t leave anything to chance. I was so impressed with the professionalism that John showed throughout the event. Initially I didn’t know what to expect from John. Any fears that I had were put to bed when I witnessed him working the crowd into a frenzy. He will leave your guests flabbergasted! He also brings humour to his magic ensuring a great experience for guests. A great asset to have early in a party to break any ice and get people talking. Will definitely use again. Thanks John!”

He kept in touch regularly during the booking process and I was 100% confident that he was the right choice before I’d even met him!”

"How do I know you'll turn up? My friend booked a wedding magician and he "suddenly" realised he was double booked the day before the wedding and he magically vanished!"

Unfortunately, I’m seeing this a lot. Happy couples are amazed when they manage to book a wedding magician at a bargain price.

“We don’t need to do any paperwork, or pay him a deposit – he says we can pay on the day!”

It seems too good to be true (you can see where this is going, can’t you?).

It is too good to be true.

A wedding magician who takes a booking without a contract or deposit should be avoided at all costs. If you take nothing away from this website other than that, I’d be happy, (though admittedly, I’d be a little disappointed).

Without a contract or deposit, the wedding magician is free to take a better gig should it come in (and when I say “better”, I do of course mean “higher paying”). That’s why they can offer a cheaper price.

Whether you book me or not,
This is YOUR wedding day, so get the assurances that you need.

“He kept in touch regularly during the booking process and I was 100% confident that he was the right choice before I’d even met him!”

“From the moment I first emailed him to the evening of our party he was really helpful and professional…”

"A few of our guests have got kids. Can you entertain them too?"

When you’re booking a wedding magician or entertainer, you want to make sure you book one who can entertain everyone – not just the cool crowd in the corner.

Wedding Magician Entertainer Cool

I’m the resident magician at Everton FC and St Helen’s Rugby League – I worked the hospitality areas of both clubs – for FAMILY AUDIENCES – at EVERY home game and have done for years. I’m more than happy entertaining people, no matter how old, or young they are!

“What a great night, everyone from my 4 year old nephew to my 90 year old grandfather thoroughly enjoyed your time with us. I didn’t realise you were also a comic! My brother and I provide the best barbecue ever and all everyone wants to talk about is YOU.”

“We booked John to come along for our Son’s 21st birthday gathering with ages ranging from 3-80 and a small guest list of around 40. He was brilliant! An amazing magician but much more than that as he’s a fantastic entertainer.”

"My Uncle Alan is a "bit of a character" and gets a bit loud, rude and sweary when he's had a few...can you deal with people like that?"

We all have an Uncle Alan – that one guest who we’re ALWAYS apologising for – the one that’s a “bit of a card”.

Don’t worry, and don’t apologise. I LOVE YOUR UNCLE ALAN! (Not in that way!)

I’m not the kind of magician that wants your guests to sit on their hands quietly while I’m performing. I want some interaction – some banter. Mickey taking is all good, and very welcome.

I’m a comedian – I can take it.

Do me a favour, tell your Uncle Alan to get practicing and bring his “A” game! I’ll be ready… 😉

“I keep smiling each time I think of the tricks! It was truly amazing and great the way you interacted with everyone (even the difficult people!!) was brilliant. The photos we have show the good time people were having and over breakfast yesterday, some of them were talking through the magic tricks and remembering the evening. Thank you for making this a memorable time for us and our guests.”

"I'd love the idea of having a wedding magician, but how can you help me have a fabulous wedding day?"

If you’ve never booked a wedding magician before, it can be difficult to know how I can best help you have an amazing wedding day. The first thing I always recommend is for you to sit down and think about which parts of the day YOU’RE stressing and worried about – don’t think about how other people used wedding magicians, or what you’ve heard.

What parts of YOUR day are you worried about your guests becoming restless at?

Those are a great time to book a wedding magician!

Having said that, the most popular times to book a wedding magician are while you’re taking the photos after the ceremony, as you’ll definitely want to relax and enjoy this time after the ceremony. The next most popular time is after the wedding breakfast, to keep the guests’ energy levels up as they wait to strut their funky stuff on the dancefloor!

There are no hard and fast rules though, and one of the best things about a wedding magician is how versatile we are! Here’s how a few newly weds have used me in the past:

“Thank you so much for entertaining the guests at our wedding, I CANNOT RECOMMEND YOU ENOUGH! I had been panicking about the drinks reception being too long and people getting bored, but the guests seemed disappointed when they were called for the wedding breakfast and it was time for you to go!”

“John was a great addition to our wedding reception. Not only were they in awe of his tricks, but also were humoured by his friendly personality and the way he is able to keep his audience. All our guests commented on how great he was and some even asked if he was coming back later!

“We booked John for our Wedding in November and had him perform while we were having our photos after the Ceremony. He was brilliant and his mix of magic and engaging humour had everyone entertained. We were worried people would be bored in the time between Ceremony and Reception. But, John helped make it into one of the most talked about moments of the day.”

comedy magician table magic

"I've heard enough. You sounds perfect. I want to book you - what do you need from me?"

Booking me is super simple. Just fill in the enquiry form, or click the blue button below. Tell me all the details and I’ll complete the paperwork and invoices for you to agree (this is all done securely via email, so you don’t even need to brave the queue at the Post Office!). I take an initial payment of £100 to secure the date and, once that’s paid – we’re all set!

You can then put your feet up and relax in your favourite way…

Wedding magician and entertainer relaxing

“I could not have been happier with the show, John had the whole room crying with laughter even before the first trick and brought a great energy to the party, everyone was blown away by the magic but it was John’s personality that really made the show. I would 100% recommend John for any party or event, it gave the party that wow factor I was hoping for.”

If you have any questions, just ask. I'm happy to help as much as I can!

Best Wedding Entertainment - Magician with Groom and Bride