Wedding Planning Tip: Be Selfish!

Wedding Tip - Be Selfish

If you’re getting married, you’re already probably suffering from overwhelm. I want to help you, but not in a “here’s 758 different blog posts you should read…NOW” kinda way. So, instead, here’s a quick wedding tip:

Be selfish!

Whose wedding day is it?

Exactly, it’s YOUR wedding day.

Too often I get a call from a bride who asks me if I can do table magic during the wedding breakfast. Very often, this isn’t what they would actually like at their wedding, but they’ve seen table magicians before, so they just presume this is all we can do.

It’s not. Like other wedding suppliers, we’re quite adaptable.

So, before you book any kind of wedding service, stop and think about what you want. Be selfish:

  • What would help you out best?
  • What are you worried about?
  • What is causing you sleepless nights?

If you’re really sweating the idea of restless guests during the photo period, don’t be polite and book the magician for the wedding breakfast just because that’s what you think they do.

Be selfish.

Tell them about your wedding day, your guests and your worries. Ask them how they can help YOU. Brainstorm ideas. If they can’t help you, be selfish and find someone that can.

You’re getting married. This doesn’t happen very often (insert your own Katie Price gag here), so remember whose day it is and be selfish.

What do you REALLY want to experience on your wedding day?

Looking for someone to get your guests laughing so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day with no stress or worries?

Tell me all about your day and I’ll tell you how I can make your wedding day as fabulous as possible!