I don’t like overly edited, slick looking promo videos.
There, I’ve said it.
There are a few problems with them in my eyes. The main one being that magicians often use tricks that only look good on camera; tricks that can’t be performed in the real world, so they’re not actually showing you the kind of thing they’re likely to do at YOUR party. For YOUR guests.
With that in mind, I’ve recently decided to make the rather foolhardy decision of passing my iPhone to complete strangers at gigs, so that they can capture me in action. You’ll note immediately that these videos are not cinematic masterpieces, so please don’t mark me down for that. The lighting and soundtrack is nothing to write home about either. Remember, this isn’t the Oscars. 🙂
My hope is that it’s enough to give you the gist of what I do and how I do it, so you can tell if I’m the kind of magician you’re after.
If you’d like to see even more videos, you can head over to my YouTube channel (sadly, I’m unable to offer any refunds on time spent watching these!).

Let’s start with this video, as it’s a perfect example of why I got into magic.


Yes, snorting. Snorting has to be my most favourite reaction to magic ever – that moment when a person completely let’s go and is so “in the moment” that the only bodily noise they can muster to communicate how they feel – is a snort.

No snorting here I’m afraid (I know, you’re disappointed).

This is a good example of what I do at a table for real, live human beings – I turn up, do a few tricks, make a few jokes and try to get people laughing.

I’ll warn you now, this video is 9 minutes long (and has a swear word in it), but it gives you a good feel for what I do.


“Yes, but not all of our guests are adults. We’ve got children coming too. What can you do for them?”

Not only have I brilliantly anticipated your question, but I have a video that answers it for you!

You don’t need balloons, a horrifically coloured waistcoat and a tie with cute little bunny rabbits on it to keep kids happy and entertained. You just need a strange man with a pack of cards.

I can be that strange man!

You've seen the videos, now fill in your details below for a chance to see me in real life! (Yeah, you're right. I have no idea why I'm building this up either!)