Trade Show Magician at the Cloud Expo Europe event in London

Being a trade show magician is a lot of fun. Tiring, but a lot of fun. You get to work with fabulous companies looking to put themselves, and their ideas, on the map. It’s exciting to be involved, and it’s great to be able to help communicate their messages through magic and come up with tricks and ideas that act as a ‘soft sell’ to stand visitors.

Last week, between 11-12th March was the “Cloud Expo Europe” event, being held at the ExCeL arena in London and I was booked via my good friend Peter at Brandmagic, to perform on the stand for the lovely guys at Hydro 66; a new company building a data centre up near the Artic Circle, where they can harness the benefits of cheap power costs and natural cooling to save companies 50% on costs (see? I still remember the key messages!).

Having a trade show magician on the stand has a number of benefits to any other kind of feature:

1. We’re interactive, so we can talk to potential clients. Not only can we tell them your key messages, but we can listen and respond to what they say.

Thanks for bringing to life what we do right in front of people’s eyes!

2. We’re not salespeople, so we can often provide a soft sell. We can get your message across in a different way to a salesperson. We can communicate key points in our magic tricks in a pressure free, and fun way! They’ll come away from your stand knowing what you want them to know, but without feeling browbeaten!

You really struck the perfect balance on the stand and made the show a big success for us.

3. It’s fun and unique. Let’s face it, at a three day trade show, you’re going to be hit with a lot of information. Not only are there all the stands to visit, but their are lectures, break out sessions, seminars, not to mention all the informal meet ups. Magic can provide a rare moment of genuine fun and uniqueness that will stick out in attendees minds!

There are far more benefits that a trade show magician can offer. If you want to know more, have a quick look at my Trade Show Magician page.

trade show magician

If you’re looking to book a trade show magician for your next event, head over to the Brandmagic website, where you’ll find lots more information about trade show magicians and how they can help you have a successful trade show!