TLAM: Think Like A Magician

Following a recent conversation with a colleague, in which I was asked to “think bigger” about what I wanted, I began to explore the idea of teaching ideas that, while based on magic technique and theory, have real world applications, and could actually prove useful to people. The more I looked into this, the more transferable skills I found I had developed while walking round parties with 52 pieces of paper. So, I thought some more and “Think Like A Magician” was born.

Magic has taught me a great deal, not only about skills and manipulation, but also about interacting and connecting with people. The number 1 fear people have is (still) public speaking and most people will admit to feeling some dread when going to a party and not knowing anyone, being forced to strike up conversations with absolute strangers. It occured to me that this is what I do 20 times a night! At every event, every group I approach, every person I perform to is a complete stranger to me. I know nothing about them, nor them me. They have their friends to talk to: their own point of safety. I have to interrupt, get their attention, create a positive and friendly image, learn names, watch body language and get a feel for the group many times per night, things that some people live in fear of, so I wondered if I can help people “Think Like A Magician”; and whether this would prove useful. We shall see, but, at the very least, I hope it to be a fun journey. 🙂

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting up regular posts about techniques in magic that, I think, can help you in your life. Ideas around topics such as presentation, creative thinking and people skills. If you’re at all interested in reading about such things, please subscribe to my newsletter (found at the top of the page), where I’ll be sending out all of the details, including extras, such as FREE PDF’s, notes and videos that will not be on this blog. Also, if you know of anyone that may be interested, be a darling and direct them here too. I will love you forever. Thanks! 🙂