The Wedding Venue Checklist – an Infographic

Wedding Venue Checklist - Outdoor Venue
Wedding Checklist item number 1 – “Is the venue presently on fire?” No? That’s good enough for me!

When you find the perfect wedding venue, there are only three questions you want the answers to:

“Is it available for our date?”

“How much will it cost?”

“Where is the nearest McDonald’s?”

OK, so may the third question isn’t quite as important as the other two (you might be a KFC lady after all!), but booking a wedding venue – your PERFECT wedding venue – is an important task (he says massively underplaying it’s importance!) and, sadly, it’s a bit more complicated than just finding out if it’s available and how much it costs.

Thanks to the lovely people at though, this doesn’t need to be a daunting prospect at all. Finding your perfect wedding venue is a piece of cake with their easy to follow checklist, and they’ve made EVEN EASIER to follow by putting it into an infographic.

Here’s the “Wedding Venue Checklist” infographic, and then I’ll detail some of the major points:

The Wedding Venue Checklist -
The Wedding Venue Checklist – source:

The Wedding Venue Checklist – some key points to consider

Check the license

It’s all well and good that the venue has the perfect mix of formal elegance and breathtaking scenery you’ve always wanted. It all means nothing if it also doesn’t have a valid licence to conduct your ceremony.

Check that the venue has all the licences, insurances in place to conduct your perfect wedding. Also make sure you know which governing authority the wedding venue comes under, as well as grabbing all the registrars details.

The cost

Don’t just pay attention to the big and scary total that you’re going to have to pay. Look at the other things too:

What deposit is needed, and when?

Is there are a payment plan available?

When does the balance need to be paid by?

Make sure you have all these things written down in your wedding planner (probably using a bold red ink!), as missing a payment can result in you losing the venue!

Wedding Entertainment

Once you’re sure you have the right venue, that they have the paperwork in place and you are absolutely sure of all the costs involved, you might want to check if there are any restrictions in place regarding wedding entertainment.

If you have a band booked, are they restricted to a certain area, and time, to perform?

Are certain entertainment acts not allowed to perform at the venue?

What time does the bar close?

Are there noise restrictions at the venue, or at certain times?

If you already know what kind of entertainment you’ll be having on your wedding the day, the venue will be able to tell you if it’s OK or not, or if there are any restrictions.

If you don’t have an idea of what entertainment you want, you should totally book a wedding magician. We are, by far, the best form of wedding entertainment (I may be a tad biased…but only a tad!).

You can read my guide to booking a wedding magician here if you’re brainstorming wedding entertainment ideas. Or you can see a complete list of wedding entertainment options here.

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