Wedding Entertainment Ideas – The ULTIMATE List

Note: This is not the ULTIMATE list of wedding entertainment ideas…YET!

My plan was to wait until I had everything possible idea down and then post the article, but I might as well post it and keep building up until it is the ULTIMATE list. Keep checking back to see what I’ve added, though you probably have far better things to do with your time (at least, I hope you have!).

You’re getting married and you’re going to have a fabulous day, but what about your guests? You want them to enjoy themselves and remember your wedding for years to come, right? The easiest way you can do that is by keeping them entertained. You need some wedding entertainment ideas!

Of course you do! That’s why you’ve been an awesome bride and groom and found this page, looking for some fabulous wedding entertainment ideas to keep your guests happy and laughing all day long.

Whether they love music and dancing, or sugary carbs and sitting down, there’s something here to keep every guest smiling on your big day, so grab yourself a cuppa (and a biscuit) as I give the the ultimate list of wedding entertainment ideas!

1. Doughnut Wall

Sorry, but I mentioned sugary carbs, so I’m going to have to start with this one. A doughnut wall -desperately clearly created by someone who was looking for an excuse to eat more doughnuts at a wedding, but couldn’t find one.

Doughnuts always go down well with wedding guests (you may also want to invest in a diabetes testing station for the more frequent visitors!).

Although, you should know that if you invite me to your wedding, and you have doughnuts, I’ll mostly be doing this:

2. Casino Tables

Having a casino table, offering blackjack or roulette for your guests is a very popular wedding entertainment idea. it makes your guests feel like James Bond, as they yell “TWIST!” and “STICK!” at the dealer in a suave and sophisticated manner (well, as suave and sophisticated as you can be with gravy stains on your shirt!).

3. A Comedian

A rarely seen wedding entertainment idea is to book a comedian for the wedding breakfast. It can be a great way to get everyone laughing and create a happy mood for the rest of the day.

WARNING: If you’ve got children present, or easily offended guests – you might want to opt for a “CLEAN” comedian. Or not. After all, it’s YOUR day!

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Comedian
“My mother in law…she so fat…so arranged for me to tell jokes at the wedding as a distraction, so that she could be first to the buffet!”

4. Karaoke!

No longer just a treat for a drunken night out with the girls, Karaoke is making it’s way in the wedding entertainment sphere too! if your wedding guests all have a hidden talent or desire to be the next Gloria Gaynor, Karaoke could be the perfect wedding entertainment idea for you!

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Karaoke
Drunken Karoake – if there’s even the smallest chance you might wee yourself, wear dark slacks.

5. Wedding Piñata

OK, so I’m not entirely sure that a wedding piñata is actually a thing, but everyone loves beating the heck out of an inanimate object until it’s completely broken, right? Or is it just me?

There are a few options here. You could have one for the kids, and one for the adults, or a bashing of different piñatas (I’m not sure what the collective noun for piñata is, so I made one up!), all over the place, like a piñata treasure hunt!

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Pinata
“The groom owes us 5 grand, so we’re here to take it…only kidding, we just LOOOOVE

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6. Face Painting

You can keep the kids happy by having them wait in line to get their faces painted by a professional (or enthusiastic amateur wedding guest) face painter.

If you’re wearing an expensive dress, you might want to make sure freshly painted little darlings keep away from you, as the paint has a nasty habit of transferring very easily to fabric!

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Face Painting
Little Charlie spent most of the wedding day yelling, “NO, IT’S NOT!!! IT’S A ROCKET SHIP!”

7. Sparklers

Sparklers are not just for kids. At an evening reception, when it’s starting to go a bit dark, imagine how awesome your wedding would look, being lit by your guests holding sparklers!

Admittedly, there could be a potential safety issue (especially if your guests have been taking advantage of the free bar all day), but sparklers could provide an amazing atmosphere, as well as a bunch of fantastic photo opportunities.

Besides, who’s face doesn’t light up when they’re holding a sparkler?

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Sparklers
“Hang on Phil, where exactly did you get these cheap sparklers?”

8. Photo Booth

Much to the chagrin of magicians (well, OK…one magician – me!), Photo Booths are fast becoming a must-have attraction at any wedding.

What’s not to like? Your guests get to have fun and you get a collection of crazy, happy photos.

If you’ve always wanted to know what your nearest and dearest would look like in smart attire, wearing an inflatable flamingo and neon glasses, this is the best wedding entertainment idea for you!

There are some many different styles to choose from to, including magic mirrors, vintage and funky. There really is a photo booth for every wedding style!

9. Caricaturists

Caricaturists are, like wedding magicians, an excellent way to keep your guests entertained during the photo period of your wedding. As a strolling form of entertainment, they mix and mingle with your guests, creating works of art that, hopefully, don’t cause too much offense.

Though, having said that, I think that there is definitely room in the market for an offensive caricaturist.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to practice my drawing skills…

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Caricaturist
A caricature of Travolta…Peter Travolta, the landscape gardener from Bexhill.

10. Bouncy Castle

Let’s face it, which adult hasn’t looked at a child bouncing on a bouncy castle and immediately thought, “I WANNA HAVE A GO!”?

Exactly, everyone loves a bouncy castle and they are so easy to hire nowadays, so there’s no excuse. You can even get adult sized ones too.

Let’s face it though, a decent lunch, lots of alcohol and LOTS of multidirectional bouncing isn’t a good mix…

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Bouncy Castle
“MUUUUUM! It smells funny in there…”

11. Space Hoppers

While we’re on the subject of bouncing, a great wedding entertainment idea is to hire lots of space hoppers for your guests to play around on.

You could even make a sports day of this and have races where they compete for a trophy or a free drink from the bar (hopefully a child won’t win).

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Bouncy Castle
Handy hint: personal injury lawyers can be found under “solicitors” in your Yellow Pages.

12. Flash Mob

A relatively new idea, Flash mobs are getting increasingly popular at corporate events, as a surprise form of entertainment.

There’s no reason to think that they wouldn’t go down a storm on your wedding day though. 

You could have a sing-a-long or a well-rehearsed dance routine that involves all of your wedding party.

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Flash Mob
If you’re after a scary flash mob, you can either pay some actors to create a scene, or get married in Doncaster.

13. Gin Bar

The popularity of Gin has skyrocketed over the past few years, so why not take advantage of this by having a bar, full of 6,982 different types of Gin (I’m guessing with those numbers).

You may want to offer a non-gin alternative for the kids.

Or not.

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Gin Bar
Gin – a sophisticated, elegant and respectable way of getting off your face.

14. Live Band

Now, I could pad out this list of ultimate wedding entertainment ideas by listing every single possible genre of music and having each as a separate entry, but I won’t (unless I get really desperate towards the end, in which case, I’ll probably make up some music styles, such as “Mexican Jazz Death Metal Acoustica).

A live band is a great way to get people moving and having a great time. if you’ve ever been to a popular music concert (yes, that phrasing was totally intentional), you’ll know how “aive” it is.

Live music kicks ass!

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Live Band
“…I’m sorry honey, but KISS sounded like a romantic band…”

15. Confetti Balloons

A great way to make your guests come alive at your wedding, especially as the night draws to a close, is by using confetti balloons.

These are balloons that are filled with conf…(yeah, we get the idea.).

Whenever you want your wedding guests to get active or to boost the atmosphere have a countdown and pop a few of them. Lots of “oooohs” and “aaaahs” will ensue and you can go back to enjoying your wedding!

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Confetti Balloons
Confetti balloons – they look gorgeous, but if they accidentally go off when you’re blowing them up, you’ll be finding glitter in all the wrong places for years.

16. Nominate Table Chefs

What better way to geneerate a few laughs and giggles during the wedding breakfast than to nominate a chef for each table?

You don’t have to be friends with Gordon Ramsey or Ainsley Harriot to make this work. Just give the role to someone you trust with a carving knife and get them to carve the meat at your table.

In case you don’t know how to carve meat, here’s a video to help you:

17. Harpist

Harp music can make for a beautiful atmosphere at any point during a wedding. If you’d like the mellifluous sounds of a harp accompanying your guests while they scoff down your food, you’ll need a harpist.

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Harpist
Little known fact: harpists always lay a protective circle of roses, to protect them from the angry music gods.

18. Candy Cart

When it comes to wedding entertainment ideas, you can do worse than shove a load of sweets down your guests faces.

Liquorice, space invaders, jelly tots; you name it and you can shove it in a jar for your guests to devour.

Diabetes testing kits are also available for over eaters. 🙂

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Candy Cart
A full-to-bursting Candy Cart, stacked high with sweets and confectionery…10 minutes after I got to it.

19. Fire Breather

Yes, I know that your mother in law is a bit of a dragon, but why not get someone that can REALLY breathe fire to entertain your wedding guests?

Obviously, you’ll need to get someone who knows what they are doing for this (you don’t want your Uncle Alan volunteering to “have a go” after 15 pints!). You’ll also need a staged area for this, as it’s not really something you can perform surrounded while walking between tables during the wedding breakfast!

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Fire Breather
“That’s lovely Jackie. Any chance you can aim a bit lower, and to the left? We’re bloody freezing over here!”

20. Circus!

Actually, while we’re on the subject of acts that can be great wedding entertainment ideas, why not look more into circus performers? There are loads of different acts you could choose from.

You could have gymnasts, acrobatics, sideshow performers banging nails into their nose (not for the squeamish!) or clowns.

The circus has something for everyone, so if you’re after something a bit different, this could be a good option for you!

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Circus
Who doesn’t like clowns? Oh, that’s right – EVERYBODY!

21. Ceilidh (Pronounced: badly)

Do you want some wedding entertainment that’s guaranteed to get EVERYONE involved?

You need a Ceilidh. Irish/Scottish folk dancing and music is always good fun and because NO-ONE knows what they’re doing, there’s no ego’s to be damaged when you get up and make a fool out of yourself.

Just good, clean harmless fun!

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Ceilidh
Three seconds after this photo was taken, Gerald regretted not washing his hands after visiting the greasy buffet. The child eventually landed in Guatemala.

22. Balloon Modelling/Artists

Balloon modelling is a great wedding entertainment idea, mostly because it’s one of those things that is very versatile.

You could have a sculpture made out of lots of balloons, you could have centrepieces of your table made from them, or you could have a balloon modeller walking round, making specific models for each guest.

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Balloon Modelling
Of course, if you really need to save some more money from the wedding budget, balloons can come in very useful (just don’t go out into the rose garden)

23. Shoot It Yourself Video

Obviously, if you want to get your wedding professionally filmed, you should definitely do that, but how about a behind the scenes, directors cut, made by all your wedding guests?

You could give them simple cameras, or ask them to use their phones, to shoot videos of the day on. There’s no pressure to capture fabulous footage (you’ve got a professional to do that), but you’ll get to keep loads of the memories you’d never have seen otherwise – and your guests will be having lots of fun too!

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Shoot It Yourself Video and Photo
As a professional stalker, Don had all the best photographic equipment.

24. Chocolate Fountain

I can’t believe that I got this far in the list without mentioning a chocolate fountain.

I’m genuinely impressed with that.

And now I’m hungry…

I think everyone has seen a chocolate fountain and experienced the fun it can bring to a wedding (as well as the calories – how do the people that run them stay in shape?).

If you’re looking for something simple, that doesn’t take up too much space, a chocolate fountain is a great wedding entertainment idea.

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Chocolate Fountain
The number for the Diabetic helpline is 0345 123 2399. You’re welcome!

25. Silent Disco

Yes, you heard me right – a silent disco.

This is a bit of a new one on me, but it seems to be gaining popularity, so I’d be neglectful if I didn’t mention it.

A silent disco isn’t a case of imagining music in your head and dancing along, but rather, you get a pair of headphone and choose your own music.

Why would you do that? well, music is such a personal thing, it can be hard to get it right for everyone. with a silent disco, you can let the guests choose their own music, so they have no excuse for not getting up on the dancefloor (unless they’ve accidentally tuned their headphones to Radio 4 and are presently listening to the Shipping Forecast!).

Ultimate List of Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Silent Disco
Guests would later describe Marjorie and Albert’s 50th wedding anniversary party as: “well lit!”

26. X-Factor

Yes, I know that you hate the show, but why not take advantage of it’s popularity by hosting an X-Factor style audition show in the evening of your wedding?

Everyone has a hidden talent (some are VERY hidden…and should probably remain so), so if you suspect that you may have a talented warbler or ball juggler among your guests, a talent show could be the way to go to keep your guests entertained!

If, after reading ALL those wedding entertainment ideas, you find yourself coming to the rather sensible conclusion of wanting a wedding magician for your wedding, I can help (you may have guessed that bit already!).

I can get your wedding guests laughing and having an amazing time at YOUR wedding – with NO STRESS! Fill in the form below and tell me all about your special day.