The secret to reducing wedding planning stress

Planning your wedding is stressful, there’s no getting around that.

You’re going to spend years planning every detail of the happiest day of your life. It’s OK to feel a little stressy at times.

So, if you’re presently on your 73rd stress ball and buying not-exactly-over-the-counter medication from Croz, an entrepreneurial 15-year-old chap who hangs around outside Bargain Booze, don’t be too hard on yourself. We’ve all been there.

Wedding planning stress is going to happen. The key is to not try and stop it but to recognise when it’s getting too much and what you can do to reduce it and stop it from destroying your life.

The first step – spotting when it’s getting too much – is easy. If you’re in a Post Office queue and have thought of 75 ways you could kill Gladys, the lady in front of you, you’re probably feeling a tad tense.

The next part – managing it – is a little more tricky because it takes a little bit of planning…

“WHAT??? MORE planning? I thought you were trying to help me reduce stress, not add to it you %$£$^*&???”


Yes, this does take a little bit of work, but only a little.

You need to think about things that relax you.

(Healthy and legal things, just in case you were still thinking about Gladys at the Post Office)

Do you enjoy:

  • Walking?
  • Reading?
  • Meditating?
  • Coffee with friends?
  • Shadow puppetry?

Do yourself a favour – take the time to make a “Things that make me feel awesome” list and keep it close at hand.

Add to it as you discover new things that lift your spirits.

If I can add another tip?


You like going out for coffee with friends, but WHERE do you love to go? WHAT coffee do you love to drink? WHICH friends?

This is your wedding. It’s going to take years to plan. There’s going to be stress and lots of it. When you feel the stress of wedding planning becoming too much, make yourself feel better by doing something on your list.

Having a specific “Things that make me feel awesome” list won’t prevent you from experiencing stress (to do that, you need to book a wedding magician 😉 ), but it may prevent Gladys from the Post Office from meeting an untimely (and rather violent) end.

Besides, getting married in prison is no fun. It’s lights out at 10pm and the food is shit.

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