The One Thing You Can Do To Make Your To-do List a Doddle

The One Thing You Can Do To Make Your To-do List a Doddle

You know that big long to do list you’ve got?

The one that has just enough things on it to keep you busy until the end of time?

Well, there’s something you can do to make your planning easier.

MUCH easier.

It’s not an app, a hack or faking a method of faking a heart attack so the rest of the planning gets lumbered on Janice, the “a-bit-too-perky-for-my-liking” office temp.

To make your to-do list less daunting, you just have to realise one thing:

Everything does not matter equally.

There are some tasks that will have a much bigger impact on the success of your event than others.

Choosing between fonts for the programmes is probably not a high impact problem.

Choosing between that Hungarian Death metal band or the swing quartet for our ladies lunch though probably is.

Instead of organising your to-do list by time, urgency or – gulp – alphabetically, list them in order of impact.

What are the most vital things you need to do?

Start with those and you’ll actually FEEL like you’re making progress.

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