The House Party Checklist

So you’ve decided to throw a house party.


Being the perfect house party host is stressful and though there are tactics you can use to make your party planning life easier, it’s still going to be a lot of work.

Hard, taxing work.

Of course, some things are easy to remember – the booze, the food, who to invite (and in that order probably), but what about the other important things – things that are often overlooked when organising a house party, like making sure you book the dancing horse for example…

Dancing Horse at a House Party

See? You forgot to book him, didn’t you?

I knew it. Now you’re going to have to settle for a lesser form of entertainment, like charades, guessing the number of bunyons on Nana’s feet or even, but only if you’re TOTALLY desperate, booking a party magician.

Booking a Magician for a House Party


A Helpful Infographic

Thankfully, the lovely folk (and they are lovely) at Best Intent Marquees have created an infographic that you can cut out and keep on your wall, as a guide to what you need to do, and when, to guarantee yourself an awesome house party (though, if you didn’t book a dancing horse, it’s never going to be TOTALLY awesome, is it?).

House Party Checklist Infographic Magician

Some of the main things that stood out to me, that you also may not have considered prior to consuming this infographic were some of the following ideas:

Let the neighbours know

Always tell your neighbours that you’re going to be throwing a party, even if you’re not going to be inviting them (actually, ESPECIALLY if you’re not going to be inviting them!).

If you’re wondering how you can politely tell someone about a party without adding, “….why don’t you come along?” to the end of it, just create a reason for the party that they are clearly not a part of.

“We’re having a family celebration, for family only, with some members of our close family. FAMILY!!!”

“I would invite you both, but my horoscope told me to avoid large numbers, and we’re already up to 2,945 invites…”

“I’d invite you to come, but you know….we dislike you both terribly.”

Letting your neighbours know that you’re having a party is just the nice thing to do. It gives them fair warning, shows that you are a lovely human being (though not lovely enough to actually invite them to the party – obviously!) and makes them less likely to call the Police and report you for noise pollution!

Hide personal/expensive items

You should do this, even if all of your nearest and dearest aren’t thieving scumbags. 🙂

Things get lost, broken or accidentally taken, stolen, anonymised and sold on eBay using a fake account.

They do (that’s my defence as to how I got these 57 FabergĂ© eggs and I’m sticking to it!).

Drunk people cannot be trusted with nice stuff, so if you value anything, get it out of the way of the party. Have a room that is off limits to your guests and put everything you don’t want to go replacement shopping for in there for safe keeping, then lock the room, seal it shut and put a big ol’ “DON’T GO IN HERE!” sign in front of it!

Warning sign for a House party

Choose a theme early on

If you’re going to go with a theme, it’s only fair that you give your guests fair warning, so let them know right from the outset.

Don’t wait for everyone to RSVP before you spring them with “Thanks for replying, by the way, the theme of the party is “weird” and I want everyone to arrive naked, covered in their favourite preserve!”

Unless you invite Alan because that’s how he turns up to EVERY party…

So, if you’re having a theme, pick one, stick with it and make sure everything you do communicates this theme to your guests – you don’t want it to be a surprise for anyone.

Only One To Dress In Fancy Dress - Magician
Dave was unaware that that party was a “Come looking liked you’re stoned out of your mind” fancy dress party, so felt a bit silly in his formal Scooby Doo onesie.

If you’re having a house party and really want to give your guests a great night, then you should definitely think about booking a magician. They are one of the best ways to help minimise your party planning stress.

I know a few. I also happen to be one.

I’m not totally terrible and can prove it by copying and pasting some testimonials, to try and convince you of my awesome skills:

“Everyone was amazed at your ability to make people belly laugh whilst performing brilliant tricks. Thank you for helping make our day stress free and being exceptionally entertaining”

“I can’t recommend John enough! From the moment I first emailed him to the evening of our party, he was really helpful and professional. John arrived early and then proceeded to entertain a real mix of people, from 10-year-olds to octogenarians! He was hugely entertaining, with a real sense of mischievous fun! With howls of laughter and gasps of magical amazement, our guests loved him! If you are considering having him to a function, get him booked, you won’t be disappointed!”

I know, I can’t believe those words were said about me either! If you want to read some more, you can head to my testimonials page where you can read other nice things people have said about me, or…

If you want to see if I’m available for your party, you can fill in the contact form below. Tell me as much as you can about your event, and I’ll rack my brains and come up with some ways I can help your guests have a great night!