The best wedding entertainment

I wish I could tell you that every wedding needs a magician.

Actually, I could tell you that, but my conscience (and Mrs Palfreyman, my scary as hell primary school teacher) would probably have something to say about it.

Are there some weddings that would benefit from a wedding magician, Bulgarian chainsaw juggler, or, dare I even say it, a caricaturist?


The answer to the often asked question, “what is the best kind of wedding entertainment” is a frustrating:

“It depends”.

Annoying, right? I was reminded of why it depends yesterday when reading a copywriting book.

In “The AdWeek Copywriting Handbook”. Joe Sugarman (awesome name BTW) writes about the importance of advertisers discovering the nature of their audience.

To put an amazing, captivating advert together, it’s not enough to know the product. You need to know your audience. I mean REALLY know them. 

After all, how can you sell it to them, if you don’t know who “THEM” are?

(I realise that sentence makes no sense, but I’m keeping it in)

The reason there isn’t one best advert for hats is the same reason that there can’t be a “best” form of wedding entertainment:

Because it depends…

… on the nature of the audience (or, in your case, your wedding guests).

An advert for bucket hats aimed at cricketers who want to keep the sun off their head would be drastically different than one aimed at 40 something magicians, desperate to know whether they can rock a Fedora like Indiana Jones.

(Spoiler alert – I can’t).

When in the throes of planning your perfect wedding, it’s easy to get distracted by magazines, blogs and trending fashions.

  • Are wedding singers “in” at the moment?
  • Is magic old hat?
  • Have flash mobs been done to death?

These are the wrong questions. (Apart from the magic one, which I’ll answer now… NO! Magic is not old hat. It’s totally awesome and you should definitely book one).

Here are some better questions:

  • Would my guests love to hear some live music?
  • What kind of experience would that create?
  • My dad’s always loved magic. I wonder if he’d enjoy seeing it live on my special day?
  • What do I want my guests to feel and experience on our special day?

Your wedding is far too important to get bogged down in trying to be “on trend” or one-upping Katie Price. Your time is better spent thinking about how you want your guests to feel at your wedding. You know them better than anyone. How can you help them experience what you want them to experience?

If you’re wanting your guests to experience some fun, laughter and amazement on your special day – so you’re surrounded by “Hahahaha” and “Wow!”s, I can help, click here to get in touch!