The best kind of magic gig booking

the best kind of magic gig booking

I know it’s bad form for magicians to brag about their gig status, but I’m going to do it anyway because I’ve gone and booked myself the best kind of gig today.



Even though I love my job, and I’m very hoarse after entertaining 380 corporate guests last night at the …wait, bragging is bad form, I nearly forgot.

Even though I love my job and I feel very fortunate to be able to make a living performing magic for people and making them laugh, my favourite gig is still the day that I don’t book a gig.

In fact, that’s not exactly true because, even though there will be days when I don’t book a wedding or corporate event just because no body wants me, I still actively look for the best days to book myself off. Days that I know I can be with my family. My stepdaughter is at home this weekend, there are no classes to take the kids to, or special jobs that need doing round the house. Days like this are good days to take off because, if you’re going to take a day off, it might as well be one that is filled with as much joy as possible!

Make your day off as awesome as possible and it’ll feel like you’ve had two days off!

Mind you, I am typing this up on a Sunday morning at 7:30…with a dog chewing my ear, so who am I to talk?