The AMAZING, TOP SECRET Technique I Used to Beat TEN Magicians to a Gig!!!


I was reading through some old blog posts and came across this one from 2013 (God, that seems so long ago). What struck me most was how the main point – the importance of booking a PROFESSIONAL magician – is increasingly relevant today; a time when pretty much anyone can build a good looking website (I should know; I built this one).

If you’re getting married in two years time and are looking to book a wedding magician to keep your guests happy during the photo period (a great decision by the way), you want to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that he or she is going to be there.

You want contracts, you want to give a deposit and you want to make certain before you sign or hand anything over that you’re dealing with a professional – a person who you’re happy to trust with your special day. 

It doesn’t matter what tricks the magician is going to perform; you just need assurances that they will be there!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the post.

I’ve always wanted to do one of those over the top, get rich quick sensational titles!

Apologies. 😉

I received a call last week from a restaurant owner who had heard about some restaurants using magic as a way to entertain their guests and was keen to try it. After a quick chat on the phone, we set up a meeting to have a chat (which I have just got back from).

So what? I’ll tell you what; I got the gig! Yay me! Well, that’s not everything. The real point of the post is this:




Ok, I’ll stop typing in bold.

So what did I do to beat ten other magicians and land a gig in a high end restaurant? I’ll tell you. Was it a brilliant effect? Was it a NLP technique to increase suggestibility and compliance? Was it my Adonis-like physique and gorgeous good looks?

Lord, I hope not.

Nope. The SECRET was simple.

I……turned up!

That’s it!



After we arranged a start date, the manager explained that, before me, he had contacted ten magicians about the residency (I clearly need to work on my SEO). I asked if he had any more magicians to meet?

“Any more? You’re the first one that I’ve managed to meet!”. Turns out that he’d either been ignored (2 magicians), replied to and THEN been ignored (4 magicians), arranged to meet only for them to be a no show (4 magicians) and arranged to meet only for them to be a no show – TWICE (1 magician).

I think as long as I was wearing pants, I would’ve got the gig as soon as I crossed the doorway.

And I always wear pants.

I completely understand that not every gig is for every magician, and that’s fine, but, if you’re going to turn down a gig, for whatever reason, the least you can do is do it professionally; in a way that the bridge of communication is still open (and even strengthened due to your credible and professional response). By ignoring the email or, worse still, wasting his time, you completely destroy the bridge. If he’s looking for a magician for his daughter’s wedding, staff party or for one of his diners’ private events, he’s not going to waste time rebuilding the bridge.

After all, if you’re not the right man for the gig, how much effort and time does it take to give the client a bit of advice about hiring a magician, or maybe passing them on to someone you know and recommend?

Lots, apparently.

Oh, and ALWAYS wear pants.