Stop with the “Should”s Already…

Stop with the "Should"s Already...

Planning your wedding sounds like something that would be a lot of fun and, for the first 28 seconds, it is.

What’s not to like? You get to sample loads of food, visit fabulous venues and sample loads of food…

Trouble is, after a while, you get swamped with ideas. People start butting in and giving you advice. You see weddings in magazines and on the telly and start to imagine how it “should” be done.

You start changing the question from, “What would MY dream wedding look like?” to “What SHOULD my dream wedding look like?“.


Stop looking over the fence.

Stop peering at what everyone else is doing.

You can get married in B&Q nowadays for crying out loud, so stop looking for “SHOULD“s.

You need to focus on the most important thing – SAMPLING ALL THAT FOOD.

Or…creating YOUR perfect wedding.

I’m happy with either.

So what if Jennifer Aniston had a barn owl playing “My heart will go on” on the bassoon as you walked down the aisle?

Who cares that the Archbishop of Canterbury beatboxed the proclamation at your sister’s wedding?

Stop caring about what other people think.

It’s your wedding.


Get on with planning it.

*Did you think “Hammer time“, or “Collaborate and listen“?