How to Stop Guests Fighting on Your Wedding Day

How to Stop Guests Fighting on Your Wedding Day

This was a common response when I asked brides in a wedding group on Facebook what they were most worried about on their wedding day.

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What I expected was fears like:

I just hope everything runs smoothly!”
“I want my guests to have a good time.”
“I really hope I say the right name…”

What surprised me was the sheer number of potential Jerry Springer show style conflicts brides and grooms were dealing with.

I got so many responses saying things like:

“I hope things don’t kick off”
“I want to keep certain wedding guests away from other guests”

…and so on.

Unless you’re going with a UFC style theme, you don’t want conflict and anger to be the main feelings guests experience at your wedding, so let me give you a tip…


Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Wedding guests fight and bicker because they have lots of time to think about bad things.

Wedding guests have lots of time to think about bad things because they have lots of time to think.

Wedding guests have lots of time to think because they have nothing to distract them.

If you give your wedding guests something to distract them, they won’t have time to think, “You know what? I think I’m going to punch Alan in the face now!”

You need a distraction, so go for the best – go to the people who spend their lives dedicated to the art of making people look the other way at weddings…


OK, so I may be letting my biases creep in.

It doesn’t have to be a wedding magician but, if you’re worried about tensions running high and ruining your wedding day, give your guests something to keep them busy and distracted from thoughts about shouting, screaming and killing.

Because not only will the violent death of a family member taint the memory of your wedding day, but hotels charge you a bloody fortune for bloodstained tablecloths.

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