A Simple Way to Reduce Party Planning Stress

A Simple Way to Reduce Party Planning Stress

We’re often told that “there is no ‘i’ in ‘team'”.

And, while that may be true, there are four in, ‘OMG! THIS PLANNING IS REALLY STRESSING ME OUT!”

You don’t have to do it all on your own, and you shouldn’t.

Here’s a “not-quite-so-fun-but-nevertheless-quite-true” fact:

People don’t enjoy planning events, but they don’t mind helping out.

Even if it’s YOUR party, wedding or celebration, get other people involved – ask them about their preferences (the non-sexual ones…unless it’s THAT kind of party!).

See if they have any hidden talents.

You might get lucky and discover that John, the guy in accounts with the strange odour and suspicious stains on his shirt, is a vol-au-vent master (or, maybe he just lives next door to Iceland so he can pick some up cheap!).

The pressure is always going to be on YOU – after all, it’s YOUR party/wedding/event, but at least now, because you’ve taken the time to speak to your guests, get a few ideas and maybe got them involved, even just a little, there’s a lot less of it to bear.