Sheffield Magician – Corporate Event

Sheffield Magician - Corporate Event
“…you don’t look a day over 79…”

Sheffield Magician – Corporate Entertainment

Busy one tonight. 300 guests. 3 Sheffield magicians and one very small foyer.

I’m not fully conversant with fire laws…

Sheffield Magician - Corporate Entertainment

…but I’d have a guess and say that tonight’s corporate event at the Mercure Hotel in Sheffield stretched them to the limit.

We performed for the guests as they arrived at the reception. We helped break the ice and set a fabulous and fun tone for the evening.

(For larger events, usually with over 100 guests, it can be helpful to get some extra magicians, just to make sure that everyone sees some magic. Don’t worry about this too much, as I can do it for you!).

Magic can be a great way to get all your guests in the right mood, right from the start of the night. It takes the pressure off you to make sure that everyone is having a great time…

…We’ll do it for you!

It seems we did our job. The day after (how anyone is able to send a coherent email the morning after a corporate event I’ll never know!), I got this email:

“Thanks so much for everything on Saturday, you were all great and everyone had such a good night!”

Always nice to hear that people are happy with the entertainment!

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