10 Reasons You Should Hire a Magician for Your Event


OK, I admit, I’m a tad biased in my level of enthusiasm for magicians.

It’s my blog though, so ner (this is how I attack all of the arguments in my life).

My job is to help you see how hiring a magician for your party could be a wondrous thing. It also does lovely things towards my SEO and Google rankings, but let’s try and focus on the altruism part shall we?

In the spirit of being helpful, here are 10 reasons why hiring a magician for your wedding/corporate event/house party is a fabulous idea.

1. We can cover for any delays – Not enough place settings round the top table at your wedding? No worries, just hang back and let the magician carry on performing for everyone while you grab a spare chair from the hotel lobby before anyone notices.

“Your wedding is TODAY? Are you sure? Shoot. OK, ask the magician to fill for 15 minutes while we nip to IKEA…”

2. Magicians can adapt to suit any weather – let’s face it, the weather in this country is very unpredictable. August or July is no guarantee that your special day will be blessed with a gorgeous blue sky and high temperatures. This is England, and anything can happen.

Sleet in July? You got it.

Scorching winter? Definitely going to happen (we just don’t know when).

Magicians are the most versatile entertainers available for your party. We work from our pockets, so can work anywhere. I can start a card trick outside, but can quickly head indoors if Mother Nature has a change of heart.

Anywhere your guests are, we can be too, so don’t worry if there’s a sudden downpour while you’re stood in a field posing for wedding photos…

I have a new idea for a calendar range all of a sudden….

3. Close up magic can be tailored to each group – magic is a live performance and, as such, it can be moulded to suit the people who make up the audience.

This depends rather heavily on the interpersonal skills of the magician in question, but the same magic trick can be played fast and loud for the young excitable crowd, where you’re stood up making grand gestures, or it can be softened and more relaxed, when you’ve sat down next to some of the older guests for example.

Magic is a great example of how the same thing (a trick) can be played to different audiences to get the same (happy) result.

4. It’s flexible – A close up magic performance can be as short or as long as needed. If there’s a group that’s loving the magic and getting lots from it, I can stay a little longer without boring them. If the group isn’t loving the magic thing (and it does happen), I can do something very quick, be polite, thank them and leave.

They don’t hate me as a magician for not respecting their wishes and, more importantly, they don’t hate you for booking the magician. It’s a win-win.

Yeah, I won’t be spending long with this table.

5. It brings people together – No matter who you are, where you come from, no one understands magic; everyone is amazed – it’s gives them something in common to talk about and relate to each other about.

If I’m performing for one group and spy another group watching, I can bring them in, ask their names, and introduce them to the group. It’s a nice, warm soft introduction and it happens without any of your guests needing to approach strangers in a forced way.

The annual get together of the “we met at an event where John Holt was performing magic” convention.

6. Creates background noise for other guests – no one likes awkward silences; especially the host. If you’re throwing a party, you want a fun, happy, vibe, not a quiet, everybody sat in sheer terror of being the first to speak.

Booking a close up magician is a great way to encourage interaction, but, more than that, it will actually create some buzz and atmosphere at your party; some sounds of life, as people are laughing, interacting and having fun!

5 seconds after this photo, the group were rudely awoken by the deafening sound of a pin being dropped…in the next county.

7. Gives your guests options – if you’ve booked a small venue for your wedding and also hired a 10 man death metal hardcore murder slash rock group (mental note: Google music styles), your guests haven’t got much choice – they’re going to be bombarded with heavy riffs of electric guitar music.

With magic, they get the choice; they can sit back and relax, or they can sit back and relax…whilst being amazed and entertained! Magic isn’t invasive, so it won’t ruin the evening of anybody who doesn’t want to see it.

8. Magic is cool – OK, maybe the “cool” reference shows just how uncool I actually am, but, with magic being prominent on TV recently, and even winning Britain’s Got Talent, it’s very much en vogue (did I really just type that?) and on people’s minds.

More and more people have been exposed to magic on TV, but have rarely actually seen a magician live (see my next point), so hearing that there is a magician at your event sounds appealing and makes people go “OOOOOOOOOO!”.

Cool magician
Don’t you wish that you were this cool?

9. It’s unique – most people have never seen a close up magician in real life before (I know this, because they always say so at weddings and corporate events), so you’ve got the chance to give them an experience that they’ll never forget.

The first time they ever got to see an amazing magic trick. Live. In person. Right under their nose.

They’ll remember you forever.

10. It’s more than just amazement – there is so much more to magic than just the tricks. At it’s heart is interaction – a genuine back and forth between the magician and your guests.

It’s banter.

Close up magic isn’t about performing the same show with the same fixed patter for every group. A good magician is a conversationalist and will know how to engage with your guests, they’ll ask questions and use the group dynamic as part of his act.

Magic is an interactive art and the surprise at the end of the trick creates laughter and fun, as everyone tries to work out what just happened.

Magic is funny, interactive and amazing! Who doesn’t want all three of those at their party?*

Make sure it’s at your next event by sending me an email today!

* Clearly only the criminally insane. 😉

If you’re having a party, wedding or event in the near future, you’re probably worried about keeping your guests happy. Let me get rid of that problem for you. I’m a magician and comedian who’s not only amazing, but funny too. I can get your guests laughing and having a fabulous time at YOUR next event.

“Thank you for helping make our wedding day stress free and being exceptionally entertaining

“He was hugely entertaining, with a real sense of mischievous fun! Our guests loved him!

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