Planning an Event? Think Honda, not Porsche

Planning an Event? Think Honda, not Porsche

If you’re going to compare your event to a car, you’d think it obvious to compare it to one of the more flashy models, such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or a Porsche*.

There’s a problem with this though.

Flashy looks good, but it’s all show.

Cool and different sounds appealing, but sometimes you just want a car that doesn’t 3 years of Yoga and a spine made out of Haribo to get into without needing to call A&E…

What you REALLY need when planning an event is a Honda, Toyota or a Ford.

You need reliability.

Let’s face it, having a cool car is little consolation when you’re stood on the embankment of the M62, just outside Heywood (you know, near the little Chef…), freezing your nuts off and being blasted with incessant and mocking honking from Volvo drivers.

When you’re out of Ragu and rushing to wrestle the kids and get them into the car before Lidl closes, the fact that your car makes a deafening “brum!” noise is of little help.

Sexy, shiny and new are all well and good, but when you’re making a decision about something really important, reliability matters.

It’s the same with your event.

There are lots of cool, sexy and new things you could do but, when you’re under that much pressure, what you and your guests really need is something reliable – something that you know will work.

I know that having your entire wedding breakfast made out of cheese is novel and different, but is it really what’s best for your – mostly lactose intolerant – family, when you’re having a wedding in a tent…in an isolated field…with only one portable toilet?

The last thing you need with everything else going on is stress and worry.

Sticking with what’s reliable gives you peace of mind – some breathing space. It’s one less landmine dodged.

Sure, you won’t get any cool points, but at least avert the disaster of the guy who booked that weird Swing singer and well-known flatulist, “Dean Fartin!”

* I’m basically just trying to recall cards from my “Top Trumps: Supercar edition” here. I think I did rather well.