Planning a corporate event? Start here…

Planning a corporate event? Start here…

One of Stephen Covey’s “Highly Effective” habits is:

Start with the end in mind.

If you’re a personal development junkie, you’ll know how useful this is when it comes to achieving goals. 

If you’re a corporate event planner (even if you’re not into the whole “self-help” thing), this is one positive credo you should take note of, because it’s going to make your corporate event planning life sooooooooooo much easier.

(Yes, I spelt “so” with 11 “O’s” – that’s how good it is!)

One of the biggest problems corporate event planners have is getting bogged down in tiny details – the little problems and issues that always seem to crop up:

There’s a danger with constantly dealing with these kinds of niggles – they prevent you from looking at the big picture.

It stops you from asking the most important question:

Why are we doing this?

(and yes, “we have a budget surplus and need to offload some cash for tax purposes” is an acceptable why)

When you find yourself getting caught up in little problems, stop and ask yourself:

  • Why are you holding this corporate event?
  • Who is it for?
  • What do you want them to experience on the night… and afterwards?

This is the kind of stuff that counts – the REAL questions you need to concern yourself with.

Before you plan a corporate event, answer these questions and keep your responses handy. They’ll help keep you sane when you’re ripping your hair out because some imbecile folded the napkins in the shape of a lotus flower, instead of a swan.

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