Paperwork? Euuurgghh!

“That’s the health and Safety forms for the kids bouncy castle done…”

No one likes paperwork…

Red tape…


Call it whatever you like, it’s a constant pain.

Paperwork gets in the way of us doing exciting things.

We don’t want to sit down and fill in endless sheets of paperwork to go into the Trampoline park…


I see a few wedding suppliers boast about making clients lives easier by not using paperwork.

“You’re busy planning your wedding. I’m not going to give you even more paperwork to fill out. That’s the last thing you need…”

How kind…

(I’m really hoping you can smell the sarcasm…)

Yes, paperwork is a pain, but it’s a necessary one.

Here’s the thing – we don’t use paperwork because we love the act of filling it out.

We do it because it gives us something that makes us feel SAFE, HAPPY and ASSURED.

It gives us peace of mind. It gives us confidence that you’re going to be there when I need you.

I want you to reframe “receipts, invoices, contracts and deposits”.

Think of them as “peace of mind, assurances, confidence and no more worries”.

That’s the real job of paperwork – to get the niggling doubt out of your mind and ONTO the piece of paper.

Once it’s there, you can get on with booking that Mexican erotic plate spinner you’ve had your eye on.

Want a stress-free way to enjoy your wedding day? Get in touch and tell me about your wedding and I’ll show you how magic can keep your guests happy, smiling and laughing all day long!