No Deposit – No Contract – TOTAL WEDDING NIGHTMARE!

No Deposit - No Contract - TOTAL WEDDING NIGHTMARE!

No Deposit – No Contract – TOTAL WEDDING NIGHTMARE!

“Our magician suddenly realised he’s doubled booked, so he’s cancelled on us two days before our big day, so I’m desperately ringing round wedding magicians. Are you free?”

I hate this. It makes me so angry, and I hear it too often.

I’ve some bad news for you – he didn’t ‘suddenly’ realise he was double booked. He ‘suddenly’ got a better gig and chose to be a [expletive deleted] and took that one instead.

He screwed you.

“Do I need to pay a deposit?”

“I know some brides resent paying deposit (sic)…I can relate. So I like to make life easy by saying no…” (taken from a wedding magician’s website)


“You mean I don’t get either a financial or legally binding obligation that ensures me that you’re going to turn up and do what you say you’re going to do on the most important day of my life? Where do I sign?”.

(Do I need to stress that I was being sarcastic there?)

If you’re getting married next year, the questions you want an answer to when booking a wedding magician – or ANYONE – are:

“Will you do the thing I’m paying you to do, WHERE and WHEN I need you to do it?”
“This is the happiest day of my life, SHOW ME that I can trust you to be part of it…”

If you book a wedding magician, you want, no, YOU NEED to know that it’s sorted, so you can get back to worrying about all the other things you have to plan.

If you’re planning a wedding, and stressed out of your mind, here’s a helpful tip!

You don’t want the constant niggle of “I wonder if he’s going to turn up…what will I do if he doesn’t?…” plaguing your mind for the next 365 days. If that’s the kind of tension you’re after, ask to be investigated by HMRC instead. It will be far less painful.

“But he’s a lot cheaper than the other magicians…”

What is a great wedding supplier worth?

  • How much is a year’s worth of peace of mind worth to you?
  • How much is it worth to KNOW that your guests are going to have an amazing day at YOUR WEDDING?
  • How much is it worth to know that, whatever else happens, you have something AMAZING planned for your guests, giving you ample time to grab those perfect photos?

“Yeah, but he was cheaper…” is going to be little consolation on the happiest day of your life when you look over your shoulder and see a sea of bored wedding guests.

Don’t be the stressed out bride, frantically phoning round for a wedding magician the day before your wedding, click here to get in touch and see if I’m available for YOUR wedding day. Let’s make it stress-free for you and amazing for your guests!