Need to impress the boss with an awesome corporate event?

Need to impress the boss with an awesome corporate event?

Have you been asked to plan the office party? Are you desperately needing to impress the boss with an awesome corporate event, or do you just want to dodge the words you dread to hear…


Imagine – it’s 11:45, sometime in October. You’re about to head out for lunch when the boss pops around the door.

“Any chance of a small favour Kelly?”

(Oh, can you also imagine that you’re called Kelly?)

Sure,” you say, in the mistaken belief that this will indeed be “small”.

Can you organise the office Christmas party? Pamela, your predecessor, used to do the most wonderful parties…I’m expecting big things“, he says gazing off into the distance as if recalling the memory of skipping through wheat fields on a summers day…

A perfect corporate event at short notice – the impossible ask

You cancel lunch and make some enquiries. Turns out that, because it’s October, the only place available is that one you saw on that Channel 5 documentary…

…you know, the one with the world record for the largest rat droppings ever recorded?

I’m guessing that’s not what your boss meant by “big things“…

Awesome. So I have to plan an impossible party AND still do all of my other work…“.

You look down. Yep, still only got two hands.

What’s the first thing you should do with those hands when faced with an impossible task?

Strangle my boss?

Nope. Think more non-criminally.

(You can save that option for later!)

Find something that will give my colleagues an amazing night – one that makes Perky* Pamela’s party look like a WI cake sale!“.

* You may have got a tad snarky.

Bingo! (the exclamation, not the game)

A simple solution to a stress-free corporate party

Hi! I’m John. I’m ‘something’.

I specialise in getting guests laughing and having an amazing time at office parties – no matter where you end up having it!

As an award-winning magician and comedian, I wow guests and making them giggle, laugh and – on the odd occasion – roar with laughter.

Don’t take my word for it though:

“You were fantastic, thank you so much. Absolutely brilliant at our company Christmas party, very professional, talented and hilarious!”

Book me and your guests won’t care about a delay with the food, the DJs terrible song choice (Korean Death Metal anyone?) or the small fire in the cloakroom – they’ll be too busy having a fabulous time!

Get them laughing and you’re halfway there.

“Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended. Hired John for our works Christmas party – amazing magic and had us all entertained with his jokes!! Worth every penny!!”

I can do the same for you.

Imagine the morning after the party…

“Amazing job Kelly. I’ve never seen the team have so much fun – what a night! Pamela never booked a magician…”.

You gaze off into the distance as if recalling the memory of skipping through wheat fields on a summers day…

If you’d like to experience this for yourself, click here to go to my contact page, so you can get in touch and tell me all about your event. Let’s blow Perky Sodding Pam out of the water and make your corporate event fabulous!

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