More is Less

More is Less

When you’re planning a wedding, corporate event or party, there’s a temptation to book as many things as possible – to fill every single second with something…ANYTHING – just to make sure that you have the best chance of pleasing everyone.

(You already know where I’m going with this, don’t you?)

Don’t be afraid to give your event – and your guests – a chance to breathe – to stop, look around and appreciate what your day is all about.

Give them a few moments “dead time” to catch their breath, so they can mingle and interact on their own.

There’s a reason that Architects often don’t build a path between two newly constructed buildings. They wait and see how people naturally flow between them.

They let this show them the path they need to build.

You’ve been planning this for months. You’re closer to this event than anyone, so ALL you can see are the holes, flaws and lulls. On the night your guests won’t.

It’s all new to them.

Don’t be scared or pressured into booking 18,000 different entertainers to fill every waking moment.

Just book a magician and have done with it. 😉