"Hi, I'm John. I do card tricks for drunk people. Let me entertain your guests, so you don't have to!"

Milton Keynes Wedding Magician

On your wedding day you don't want to be constantly looking over your shoulder at unhappy guests. That's no fun! Don't worry though, you don't have to. I can get your guests laughing, interacting with each other and having fun in a way that they'll LOVE you for, allowing you to relax and enjoy your Milton Keynes wedding day.

So, whether it’s keeping your guests happy while you pose for photos, or keeping the fun going as you switch rooms for the evening reception ( and stopping your Uncle Bill from sneaking off to the pub to watch the match), I can help make your wedding day stress free…AND FUN!

“We booked John for our wedding and it was one of the best decisions we made. Our guests were in a combination of hysterics and bewilderment through out his performance.”

Corporate Events in Milton Keynes

If you've been asked to organise the office party (AGAIN!), you'll know it can be a hassle. Make your life easy by booking me to entertain your guests. I've worked with some of the biggest companies that I'll include here in the rather vain hope that they will impress you: Pepsi, AstraZeneca, Unilever, Bae Systems, SKY, Paddy Power, William Hill and many more!

Whether you’re having a glitzy awards night, or a quick drink at the pub to celebrate Janice’s 38th birthday, I can help make your Milton Keynes corporate event fun and memorable – for the right reasons!

“Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts last night. There was some great feedback from the tables and you made a lot of fans! I also appreciate your easy working style, which makes a lot easier for us as organisers.”

Private Parties in Milton Keynes

No one likes the idea of having bored guests at a party - especially when you're the host! Let me take all the worry and stress out of your party planning! I can get your guests laughing and having a fabulous time - without any stress, worry or hassle!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve booked a mansion the size of the Stadium MK, or have packed out a small village hall in Milton Keynes with 8,000 of your nearest and dearest, just point me in the direction of your guests and I’ll get them laughing with some interactive, funny and amazing magic – entertainment your guests will LOVE and thank you for!

“WOW! I still have people contacting me to tell me “how good that magician was!”. My son is still waxing lyrical about that trick!”

People I've performed for

Videos of Milton Keynes magician John Holt

I should warn you that the following videos are not Spielberg-esque works of cinematic beauty. It’s basically just me trusting my iPhone to a complete stranger for a few minutes while I do some tricks – that’s as fancy as I get when it comes to video.

The good thing about this though is that you know it’s REAL. That’s important. I want you to see how I interact with people, so you know that I’m the perfect magician for you and your guests – you often can’t get that from a heavy handed, slick, overly edited show-reel that shows fabulous and amazing tricks that, while they look great on camera, don’t work in the real world, for real people, like those that are coming to your party.

If you’re very bored, you can visit my YouTube channel by clicking here to see even more videos of me wearing a suit and holding various props.

I’ll be honest, there are probably better things to watch on the internet.

Wedding and Corporate Entertainment - Magician John Holt

Who am I and what can I do for you?

Hi, I’m John, a Milton Keynes magician and comedian. I can make YOUR party planning life very easy, by entertaining the heck out of your guests and giving them a fabulous time at YOUR next event.

‘John was amazing !! People were constantly saying to us “the magician is INCREDIBLE!!”‘ – Sam and Dean, Wedding

I perform amazing magic that puts smiles on peoples faces. I’ve done it for large corporate clients and for small family parties; anywhere where there is a bunch of people wanting to be entertained.

"Whatever you paid for that magician...it was worth it!"

Bristol magician John Holt is the perfect choice to keep your corporate guests happy

Hiring a Milton Keynes magician is an easy and effective way of giving your guests an amazing night AND taking most of the pressure off you!

Click the button below to find out exactly how I try to convince you that I am the perfect entertainer for you and how I can give your guests and AMAZING night!

What people say about Milton Keynes Magician John Holt:

Everyone was amazed with your ability to make people belly laugh whilst performing brilliant tricks. Thank you for helping make our wedding day stress free!” – Elizabeth Holmes

John was brilliant! An amazing magician but much more than that as he’s a fantastic entertainer. He kept in touch regularly during the booking process and I was 100% confident that he was the right choice before I’d even met him! He had everyone enraptured with his magic and his personality – my guests literally followed him around the tables because they were that impressed by him! Everyone was talking about him” – Tracey Bailey

“He was hugely entertaining, with a real sense of mischievous fun! With howls of laughter and gasps of magical amazement, our guests loved him! If you are considering having him to a function, get him booked, you won’t be disappointed!” – Justine Fraser

“We booked John for our wedding and it was one of the best decisions we made.  Our guests were in a combination of hysterics and bewilderment through out the performance and one of Tracey’s cousins said to me ‘what ever you paid for that guy Matt, it was worth it!’”. – Matt and Tracey

Privacy laws dictate that I have to write something here to let you know that I care about your data, and have put various things in place to ensure you’re safety. I have. Is that enough? No, OK. Here’s the short version: I’m not selling your data to the highest bidder. I only use the data collected in this contact form to reply to you about your event. I promise not to stalk you or randomly approach you in Aldi, saying “Hey Caroline, remember me? I’m the magician you emailed in 1996…”. If you’re interested, you can read my Privacy Policy here. It’s as dull as it sounds, though I have tried to jazz it up a bit.