What a Mayo Jar and Some Golf Balls can Teach You About Event Planning

Event planning - get some golf balls

When it comes to planning an event, whether it be a wedding, corporate event or a “let’s celebrate my recent successful loft conversion” party, you’re likely staring at a massive to-do list.

Unfortunately, there is no getting around this. Any time you want to successfully coordinate a bunch of people having a great time in the same space, at the same time, it’s going to take work.

Sure, you could hire a decent party or wedding planner to take all your cares and hassle away, but where’s the fun in that?

That’s the easy way out. Do that and you’ll miss the joy of tearing your hair out and the sleepless nights that come with realising that you’ve completely missed out your mother in law on the seating plan!

(You’re frantically typing “party planner” into Google, aren’t you?)

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Don’t be scared though, even though there are a lot of elements to juggle when planning an event, how you think about them can make a massive difference.

It’s a point that’s made by the following video, which I found on that “internet” thing I read about in a scientific journal.

Usually, “here’s a video I found on the internet…” is not a great omen, however, trust me on this, this one is a tad more useful than watching cats scared by cucumbers or parkour fails.

(I definitely plucked those examples entirely at random and totally did not copy them from my YouTube search history!)

Here’s the video, though if you haven’t got time to watch it, I’ll give you a brief summary below:

Video Source: Meir Kay

The point of the video is that, though we have many elements to deal with in life, we can group them into different categories:

Big things (Golf balls)

The important things – the things that REALLY matter – friends, family, values – that kind of thing.

Smaller things (stones)

Things that are still important, but less so. Things like our jobs, the make of car we drive…

Smaller still things (grains of sand)

These are the little piddling trifles that preoccupy our mind and interfere with our day. It’s the boy racer who cut us up on the road, the late but payable bill, having to go and visit your Aunt Margaret.

Those kinds of things.

The video points out that we should take care of the big stuff first – the most important things.

We could fill our lives up with the smallest things – the meaningless stuff. When we do that though, there’s no room left for the meaningful and important stuff.

Start with the big things.

“How does this apply to event planning?”

It’s true in life, but it’s also for event planning.

Every element of your event is either a golf ball, a stone or a grain of sand.

The first thing you should do is work out which element is which and focus on the golf balls.

The golf balls, stones and grains of event planning

Golf balls – the things that REALLY make or break your event – the venue, finding the right husband, inviting the right guests and the overall “feel” for the event.

Stones – What kind of party entertainment you’d like (dare I suggest a magician? No? OK then, I’ll move along…), the lighting, the specific type and style of food.

Grains of sand – the folding of the napkins, what shade of pink you want the uplighters to be, should the cocktail reception last for 34 minutes, or 43?

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Yes, I know this sounds like even more work, and it is. Yes, I know that you already have plenty to be getting on with, but it’s worth doing this right from the beginning.

What’s really important about this event? What’s going to make it or break it? Is it really worth spending hours discussing the font of the main screen in committee meetings, or would the time be better spent on other things, or even just relaxing, so that you’re 100% on the night?

What’s really important to you and the attendees for this event?

Start with that.

If “having a magician at my party” is one of your “golf balls” for YOUR event, click here to visit my contact page to see if I’m available to get your guests laughing and having a fabulous time at your party!