Magician in St Helens

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a write up of one of my gigs, so let’s change that.

Last week, I was at the Totally Wicked Stadium in St Helens, where I perform as the resident magician for the St Helens Rugby League Club.

Every home game I can be seen desperately running between the lounges and the executive boxes, trying to show card tricks to as many people as I can.

The club does an awful lot to look after their fans on a match day – they have great food, fabulous hosts, guest interviews with current players and past legends.

Not to mention the butt ugly magician they have, keeping fans entertained while they wait for that great food!

If you’re a rugby fan and have never sampled the hospitality available at a game, give it a try (pun definitely intended!). It really does make a day of going outside and seeing some amazing sport.

If you’d like to know more about the hospitality packages at St Helens, you can have a quick look at their fabulous hospitality packages here, or, if you fancy having a middle-aged magician do card tricks for your guests, you can get in touch with me by clicking here.