Magician in Chester Performing at a 21st Birthday at the ABode Hotel (Event Case Study)

“John is absolutely amazing and fantastic.”

As a 42-year-old magician in Chester, nothing makes me feel quite so old, unattractive and uncool as performing for a bunch of young twentysomethings…but I still love doing it anyway!

On this occasion, I was booked to perform at the ABode Hotel in Chester – a very lovely hotel that I’ve worked at a few times before, mostly for weddings. Tonight’s party was in the Conservatory area which, when the temperature gets a bit high (as it was here), provides a nice cool breeze as relief!

“The tricks are insane, but most importantly he’s super funny & gets the whole audience laughing!”

I was performing for the guests after they arrived at the party (there is very little point in performing for them BEFORE they arrive!). The arrival part of the night is a time clients often worry about most, as it sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

If you’re having a party, you want your guests to feel comfortable right from the start. You want them to feel relaxed and be smiling – I can help you with that.

Despite feeling very old and uncool for most of the night, the guests were a lot of fun. There was mickey-taking to be had and I didn’t get called “Dad” or “Grandad” once – a win if ever there was one!

“John is absolutely amazing and fantastic. Completely everything and more than you would wish for in a magician. Tricks are insane, but most importantly he’s super, super funny & gets the whole audience laughing. The perfect idea for parties and occasions, total icebreakers for different groups to mix, takes the pressure off the evening & fab for people to watch and enjoy!”

If you’re having a birthday party (or any kind of party – I’m not overly fussy about what you’re celebrating!), and are looking for a magician in Chester to get your guests laughing, fill in the form below and tell me all about your party