When a Magician has to Perform for the Angry, Miserable and Downright Upset

Magician for angry and aggressive events
Uh oh. This ain’t going to end well…


Admittedly, it’s quite a niche entertaining the downright miserable and often aggressive, but it’s a niche none the less, and one I’m finding myself having an increasing amount of work in.

Most of the events you book a magician for are joyously happy occasions: weddings, award ceremonies and birthday parties to name a few. Sure, some are more exciting than others, but the atmosphere at these types of events is always positive, happy and is almost never described using adjectives such as, “angry”, “hostile” or “dear God, don’t go in there, you’ll be killed!”

As the magician at a football club though, this is frequently what the atmosphere is like after a match. A late goal, a bad offside call, a bad substitution; all these things can transform the passionate, amiable football fan into the angriest person on the planet.

Now, I’m not the best football fan on the planet, but I try (geddit? “Try”, as in “score a tr..”. Oh, wait, that’s Rugby, isn’t it?), so when I’m asked to perform magic after the games at Everton FC after a particularly bad result, I try to let them know that I know that this isn’t the best time. The fans hate everything about the game at this point and a magic trick probably isn’t going to massively change that view at this moment. I wish I could change the result, the manager, the team, the owner or whatever they happen to be most angry at, but I can’t. After all, I do magic, not miracles…

Very often, using this approach, most will still be quite happy to be involved with a trick (even if I am constantly asked “if you’re a real magician, why can’t you get on the pitch and fix the result?”), but occasionally you get people that you could never approach after a bad result. If I levitated 100 feet up in the air, flew around the ground, brought the dead back to life and THEN found their card, they’d still be angry.

And that’s OK.

Part of the skill of a magician is learning who to approach and when. At any kind of function, there are people that magicians know not to approach: either they’ve in deep conversations, romantically gazing into each other’s eyes, or staring daggers at you while stroking a large, bloody knife.

There are signs, and every magician has seen them all.

As far as I can tell, my job as a magician is not to perform magic to everybody at an event; it’s to make the event as amazing and great as possible for as many different guests as possible. For some this will be a quick card trick, for others, a longer routine that has more interaction, gags and tongue in cheek heckles than it does magic. For others still, it’ll mean just being polite, saying “hi” and checking that they’re having an awesome time.

Any time I can put a smile on someone’s face that wasn’t there before is a win.

So, it doesn’t matter if they are angry, happy, sad, bemused, confused, hostile, flirtatious or completely “out of their mind” drunk, there is always some way that I can help their experience of an event be even more awesome because I was there.

I just have to find it.

If you’re having a party, wedding, gathering, shindig (how many synonyms for “event” can I think of?) or celebration in the near future, you’re probably worried about keeping your guests happy. Let me deal with that problem for you. I’m a magician and comedian who’s not only amazing but funny too.

I can get your guests laughing and having a fabulous time at YOUR party, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself!

“Thank you for helping make our wedding day stress free and being exceptionally entertaining

“He was hugely entertaining, with a real sense of mischievous fun! Our guests loved him!

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