Liverpool Wedding Magician at the Isla Gladstone (Event Case Study)

Liverpool Wedding Magician at the Isla Gladstone

Performing as a Liverpool wedding magician in an enormous conservatory, such as the Isla Gladstone, can have it’s pros and cons:

Pro: when the weather is nice, it’s a beautifully lit venue that just looks AMAZING!

Con: when the weather is REALLY nice, it can be baking hot and you can lose half a stone before you’ve even sat down for your wedding breakfast.

The Isla Gladstone is a fabulous wedding venue. I’ve worked it many times before, both for private events and in my work as the match day magician for Everton FC, as they used to host some of their off site hospitality there, so it’s always nice to be back at a venue you’re familiar with.

As a Liverpool magician, I was asked by Kelly and Carl to perform after their wedding service, up until the wedding breakfast. As I mention in my Guide to Hiring a Wedding Magician, this is one of my favourite times to entertain wedding guests, as it gives the bride and groom space to relax and enjoy this, one of the more special parts of the day.

For the bride and groom, this part of the day is all about the photos. They want to get the perfect shots, they’ve been dreaming of and they want to be able to spend time doing it, without feeling rushed, or without looking over their shoulders at bored guests.

They’ve been planning this day for years, and they know what they want, and they certainly don’t want to be pressured into rushing back to entertain their wedding guests.

That’s where booking a wedding magician like me can help.

I can perform for your guests, interacting with them and getting them laughing and having fun. So much so, they don’t realise how long you’ve been away. When everyone is called through for the wedding breakfast, your guests are amazed that 2 hours has passed, as they’ve been laughing and joking the whole way through.

In fact, don’t take my word for it. Here’s what another bride said about this very thing:

I cannot recommend you enough. I had been panicking about the drinks reception being too long and people getting bored, but the guests seemed disappointed when they were called for the wedding breakfast and it was time for you to go.

Magic is a great way to misdirect your wedding guests and keep them busy, allowing you to really relax and enjoy your day.

For Carl and Kelly, it was even more important, as there was a slight delay with the food being prepared and what would have been an anxious 20 minutes extra waiting to be seated, turned into me staying a bit longer and doing some magic for the bride and groom, so that everyone could see and join in.

If you’re having a party, wedding or event in the near future, you’re probably worried about keeping your guests happy. Let me get rid of that problem for you. I’m a magician and comedian who’s not only amazing, but funny too. I can get your guests laughing and having a fabulous time at YOUR next event.

“Thank you for helping make our wedding day stress free and being exceptionally entertaining

“He was hugely entertaining, with a real sense of mischievous fun! Our guests loved him!

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