It Ain’t What You Do…

“It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it” – Bananarama

(SPOILER ALERT: I’m going to share a recent testimonial below!)

Booking an entertainer is very simple:

  1. You find an entertainer you like
  2. You book them
  3. They turn up and do their thing

The process is simple, but, like navigating the streets of Oxford, the journey is a little more involved.

There’s a lot of worries, stress and anxiety throughout this three-step process (again, it’s like navigating the streets of Oxford) as things (budgets, timings and Bobby Ball’s outrageous artistic demands) change.

Event planning is hard work, mostly because of these changes – it’s like juggling 8 million glass balls.

In a process like this, it’s good to have some reassurance sometimes – some peace of mind. Something to put a smile on your face.

No, not that. Something legal.

Anyway, here’s the testimonial I received:

“Hi John, just wanted to say that I LOVE your emails – they make me laugh so much. My manager loved it too, so much so that he demanded I forward every one of them to him!”

Nothing about my magic or comedy, just that I send funny emails.

I do this because I want to give the client some reassurance along the way and to make them laugh. I want them to enjoy working and communicating with me!

So, what Bananarama should’ve sung was, “It IS what you do, but how you do it also has a considerable impact upon the other person’s feelings and emotions – so you should probably pay a lot of attention to that too!”