Is YOUR Wedding Supplier a Bit of a Weirdo?

Because some of them are…

When you’re planning your wedding, there’s so much pressure to get EVERYTHING right.

  • It’s the first time you’ve planned such a large event.
  • It’s the first time you’ve had to coordinate so many suppliers.
  • It’s the first time you’ve planned YOUR OWN WEDDING.

You NEED to get it right.

First time.

There’s a LOT of pressure on you.

One way to ease the pressure is to make sure that you choose RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL and TRUSTWORTHY suppliers – ones you KNOW that you can DEPEND on to help your wedding be as awesome as possible.

Most suppliers are more than capable of doing the job you pay them for, but…
You DESERVE more than that.

You want to choose suppliers who are PERFECT for you – those that you LOVE talking to and working with.

These are the ones that are going to make your wedding FABULOUS.

So, how do you find them?


That’s it.

Pick up the phone and have a bit of a natter. Not just about your wedding, but about anything – Netflix series they’ve recently binged, what they’re doing this weekend, or their favourite TV shows from the 1980s.

Just have a good, old fashioned chinwag and see how you feel.

Does your gut tell you this is someone you should go with or is your intuition throwing up red flags?

Pay attention.

This stuff is important.

Our instincts have evolved over millions of years – they’re a pretty good guide to whether someone is a “YES” or “GOD NO!!!“, so make sure you listen to your gut.

Want to find out if I’m a bit of a weirdo? (SPOILER ALERT – I am, but the good kind). Click here to get in touch and find out for yourself!