I get married in a month – what questions should I be asking? What else do I need to find out?

“I have a meeting with my wedding venue this morning. I get married in a month – what should I be asking them / finding out?! 🤷🏻‍♀️👰🏻

The closer you get to your wedding, the more questions pop into your mind and, worse still…

…the more urgent they appear.

After all, if you need to change something to make your wedding fabulous, you need to do it NOW!

First off, don’t worry. You’ve been planning the wedding for years. You’ve spoken to friends, family and the guy who works the night shift at the local garage about it. You’ve also probably met with wedding suppliers who know what they’re talking about (and some who don’t).

If you were missing something MAJOR, you’d know about it by now.

(Wait… you have booked a wedding magician, right?)*

In an earlier post, I talked about the benefits of sitting down and vividly imagining every part of your day. See it and hear it in your mind. Pay attention to how you want your wedding day to be from every angle.

Do this a few times and you’ll discover what’s really important to you. 

Make notes of these important things and ask questions of the right people to make sure it can happen.

  • If you imagine confetti streaming down on your outside the church, do you need to ask them if this is allowed?
  • “Oh my god! I forgot about Aunt Jane and her wheelchair! Does the hotel have access?”
  • “What the hell is a corkage fee?”

Also, don’t be afraid to check in with wedding suppliers and ask them. It’s in our interest to help you have the most awesome day possible, so don’t be afraid to ask us for advice.

If you’re looking for some popular, specific questions that brides find themselves asking, especially last minute, here are a few:

  • Are there any decor restrictions, or can we go totally nuts?
  • What areas of the venue are included in the price?
  • When is the earliest we can set up?
  • Any area out of bounds for photos?
  • Does the bar accept cash and cards (or, in some of the pricier establishments – internal organs)?
  • Where are the lavvies and how many are there, as my Uncle Tony is doing the catering and premiering his novel “undercooked chicken surprise” dish?

Don’t be scared by this list of questions. As I said, when your wedding day is looming, absolutely everything seems super important and super urgent.

This is perfectly normal.

Don’t worry. 

Remember, you’ve been planning this for years, you’ve spoken to 8 million people about your wedding. You’re more likely to forget one of your kids while doing the big shop in Aldi than you are forgetting something major on your wedding day.

And if you’re sat there thinking, “OH MY GOD – JACK!!!“, you’ve probably got bigger problems…

(he’s probably still in the middle aisle, looking at the stepladders and puzzle books)

* I’m allowed one not-so blatant plug per post, remember?

If my blatant plug worked, click here to send me an email and book me to get your guests laughing and having a fabulous time on YOUR wedding day!