How to Save Time, Hassle and Stress When Planning an Event by Remembering Absolutely Everything…Almost

One of the main problems I found when coming up with stand up comedy material (aside from the fact that it was really hard work) was that the most hilarious (to me) jokes would spring to mind in the most inappropriate places, when I couldn’t do anything with it. When my situation eventually became more appropriate, I would struggle to remember them correctly, or even at all.

It’s quite a common occurrence and I think we’ve all been there at some point. There are probably many reasons, both scientific and psychological, for why this “comedy amnesia” occurs.

The solution is one that I’ve used ever since I came up with a brilliant gag at a funeral. A gag that was so funny I was sure I would have no trouble remembering it later.

Twenty minutes later, sat in my car, I couldn’t even remember what the gag was about, let alone the exact wording that made it so hilarious.

And I’ll never know.

I later learned that comedians were famous for carrying notebooks around with them, no matter where they went, to make sure they never miss a funny line. I’m pretty sure that if Moleskine created a waterproof notebook, sales of body wash among comedians would rise 500%.

In 1995, Bob Monkhouse famously lost his private joke books and it made headline news. It took over a year for them to be returned and the finder collected £10,000 for his trouble.

That’s how valuable writing ideas down can be.

Write everything down.


In his book, The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod discusses the power of writing down your goals, ideas and thoughts, and not only for recording them in cases of sudden amnesia.

There’s a great power in writing down your ideas; it takes longer and requires more mental processing than merely thinking of them and it’s this increased effort that helps increase the clarity of your ideas, whilst also cementing them deeper into your psyche.

The process of spending this time writing them down reinforces their importance in your own mind.

If you’re planning an event or wedding and you have an inspirational idea, writing it down could mean the difference between it being fantasy or becoming reality.

And don’t reserve scribbling down notes for only the fully formed ideas. If you get an idea of something you’d like to happen, but don’t quite know how to do it yet, write it down; give your mind the chance to process it and work it out.

If you have a bunch of things you need to make happen, write them all down. Getting the mental clutter onto paper frees up your mind to other, more important work. You no longer have to remember a mass of random data; you have it written down, ready for when you next need it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy, decorative wedding planner that would look lovely sitting on a satin pillow in an enchanted palace, or a spiral bound notebook you found in the bin round the back of Tesco’s.

Get something to write your ideas and objectives down and then use it.

In fact, get several, and place them all around the main locations of your life: in the car, outhouse, bathroom – anywhere you’ve ever been caught short of something to write with.

Your special day is far to important to run the risk of forgetting even a little, tiny but ever so important detail.

Writing everything down. It’ll save you time, stress and you’ll never have that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something ever again.

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