How to Promote Your Event on Social Media

How to promote your event on social media

Social media – for some it’s the Devil’s playground, for others a lifeline to the outside world (#RealPeopleSuck). There’s no doubt that social media plays a massive part of an event organisers life.

Being in constant contact is a great and powerful thing, but it can be overwhelming when faced with over 60 different social media sites, with everyone of your friends and colleagues having their own personal favourite.

You can’t possibly keep up with everything that happens on social media, and that’s super important to remember when it comes to promoting your event. If you tried to do everything perfectly, on every single social network, you’d need a small army and, even then, you wouldn’t have enough time to actually organise the bloody event!


“Yes, but what should I focus on?”

Here are a few ideas, in infographic form, from the lovely people at (anyone who allows me to share an infographic is “lovely” BTW). While it’s an older infographic (not mentioning Snapchat, Instagram or WooHoo*  for example), I think the key ideas remain the same and I’ll talk about them more after you’ve had a quick look.

How to Promote Your Event on Social Media – Infographic

How To Promote Your Event On Social Media - Infographic
How To Promote Your Event On Social Media – Infographic (Image Source

How to Promote Your Event on Social Media

Regardless of which social media platform(s) you choose to use, there are some universal elements you need to pay attention to:

Use a designated Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way for people to find all the information about the event.It puts everything in one, easy to locate, space.

It’s also a great way for YOU to find out what everyone is saying about the event.

Choosing a hashtag can be tricky though. Make sure that yours is distinct, clear and easy to remember.

Also, make sure that it can’t be misread as something rather rude, like Susan Boyle’s ill-fated album launch party:

How To Promote Your Event On Social Media - Susan Boyle Party
“Er…sorry Susan, I’d love to come, but I’m reorganising my carpet samples and bleaching my eyes that night.”

Before you decide on a hashtag, pass it round a few colleagues or friends and see what they think.

You’re going to be using this – A LOT – so it’s worth spending some time on.

Once you have a hashtag (#welldone) make sure to mention it on the invites, updates, social media posts. Even if guests never actually use it, they’ll be familiar with it and may use it to find you and get some more information.

Pick a hashtag and work it baby! (#ThatSoundedSassyInMyHeadLetsMoveOn)

Direct message connections

In today’s age, it’s not enough to presume that, because you made one post about your event, that everyone knows absolutely everything about it.

There’s just too much noise on social media for this to be true any more.

You need to get more direct…messaging, that is.

Don’t simply spam or “SEND ALL” invitations, and make sure that you’re not overly pushy or demanding – people don’t like that!

It’s OK to use a generic message, but make sure that you send it to people that would really benefit from it. Spend some time in writing a message that they’ll be happy to receive, read and share.

You want to build connection with these people so that, even if they can’t make this event, they’ll keep their eyes open for future ones!

Think about the kind of message YOU would like to receive, and go with that.

Post regular updates

Because there are over 6,000 Tweets sent every single second (think about that for a moment, or, if you can’t, you can get an idea of what it looks like by clicking here), your one off message about your event is going to get lost in a sea of “isn’t my breakfast so wonderful?” or “I can’t believe what [insert name of current President] said last night!!!”.

You need to post regular updates about your event. Be careful how you do this though. SPAM isn’t just for direct messages. People can be sick of seeing your tweets and posts too!

Posting several times a day is a good tactic, as is coming up with a plan of how you can make different posts…or how you can ‘build’ the event…

Reveal every element of the evening bit by bit, tweet by tweet. Ask people to guess what kind of music you’re going to have. Do a competition to give away some tickets. Ask for opinions. Post a picture of one of the table decorations.

You get the idea.

Get them involved.

Make them care.

Are you an event planner or organiser who’s mastered the art of promoting an event on social media? Have any other tips you’d care to share? Feel free to pop them in the comments below!

As always, feel free to like, share, subscribe, repost, retweet, pin, print, burn, shred, bury or whatever else you’d like to do. 🙂

* Yes, I totally made that one up. Sounds real though, doesn’t it?

Of course, the absolute best thing you can do to ensure an amazing event is to book a magician. If this blog post has convinced you that I know what I’m talking about (HAHAHAHAHA!), then feel free to tell me about your next event below! I’d love to help you make it awesome for your guests!