How To Have an Awesome Event – by Having a Terrible One

‘Paralysis by analysis’ is the scientific and calm way of saying,

“OMG! I’m swamped. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, HELP ME!!”

If you’ve ever planned an event, you’ll no doubt have felt this.

It’s the moment when you’re knee deep in origami books, looking for that perfect napkin fold (it’s ‘Diving swan with fully-splayed wings #63’).

Paralysis by analysis is often a symptom of not knowing exactly what you want, so you immerse yourself in absolutely everything and hope that the perfect answer will magically jump out and attach itself to you, like a helpful leech.

Here’s another idea: instead of looking for the positive (what you want), why not try thinking about what you definitely DON’T want?

Think about the events you’ve been to in the past. The ones you really hated.

WHY did you hate them?

That wedding you went to last year, why did it feel like such a long day? Was it because there wasn’t a wedding magician entertaining people while the bride and groom took 3 hours to ‘quickly grab’ those photos?

Awesome, you now know that ‘long periods of boredom outside’ is not something you’re after.

What could you do to make it less terrible?

What else?

Finding the perfect answer is hard, so make things a bit easier – start with what you don’t want, and work from there.