How to Have a Party to Celebrate Every Day of the Year

Some days of the year, you don’t need an excuse to have a party.

Birthdays. Christmas. The anniversary of you meeting Linford Christie in the gents at Wetherspoons (there’s definitely a “lunch box” joke there, but I’m certainly not going to do it).

Things like these are easy to celebrate, but what about those times when you really feel like letting your hair down and having a party, but you just can’t find a reason.

Well, the easy way would just to host a “Party for no reason” party. You don’t need anyone’s permission. You’re an adult. You could do that.

Party To Celebrate Every Day Of The Year - Magician Being Childish
“Hi Janice, yeah…can you cancel my three o’clock? I’ve got an er…an important meeting with Mr Dobbin…”

If you do want a reason to have a party though, I have a good solution.

In fact, I have two.

Every day of the year can be a celebration because, according to the Days Of The Year website, every day IS a celebration!

So, if you’re feeling in a party mood on the 13th April, you can celebrate “Blame Someone Else Day” (I tend to celebrate this more than once a year).

October 2nd? Hello “Name Your Car Day” (has it really been one year ALREADY?)

October 31st (forgetting Halloween for a second)? It’s Magic day! You should totally celebrate that…with a magician!

February 13th? Radio Day. I hear you. Over.

August 31st? Trail Mix Day. Raisins AND nuts? What’s not to love there??

If you’re the kind of person that needs an excuse for a party, the Day Of The Year website could be your best friend.

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You don’t need it though. If you look hard enough, you can easily find a reason to celebrate something in your life.

Party To Celebrate Every Day Of The Year - Magician Being Childish
“So, here’s to you Keith…congratulations on actually wearing your Monday socks on a Monday. Bravo. TO KEITH!”

After all, if you’d consider celebrating National Trail Mix day, maybe you should also consider hosting an “I just managed to run for 100 metres without collapsing or dying in any way” party instead?

Maybe you’re just feeling happy and blessed for whatever reason.

Celebrate that.

Car got through it’s MOT first time? You should definitely put on a party for miracles like that!

This can extend to corporate events too. You don’t have to wait for outstanding year end results to celebrate. You don’t have to wait for Frank to retire to peel back the cling-film on the buffet.

Just landed a big order? Pub lunch for all!

Won a new client, or kept an old one? “Bring forth the champers!”

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Raising our expectations can be a great thing if it forces us to work harder, better or improve ourselves and the lives of those around us, but when it comes to celebrations, I think we’re often better lowering our expectations, celebrating jumping over the low hurdles, the stuff we usually take for granted.

If the Days of the Year website can teach us anything, it’s that, if you look hard enough, there’s ALWAYS something we can celebrate…and that we should definitely go all out and book an entertainer for that event.

Preferably, one whose name rhymes with “Don Bolt”.

If you’re having a party, you should totally book a magician. Fill in the form below and I can see if I’m free to get your guests laughing! (you don’t have to. it’s not mandatory, but I’d be a foolish businessman if I didn’t at least mention it. It is my website after all.)